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May 8, 2019
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The girl knows everything through her eyes. she knows your love, your hate and your obsession, all the things in your mind! Dodomeki (Marksman) will join in Shikigami Brawl!

Prettyl girl, with strange habit. "Your eyes are so beautiful, can I take them? In return, your memory will last forever."

Natural Passive: Ghost Eye
When Dodomeki uses abilities to deal damage once to enemy shikigami or uses basic attacks to deal damage 3 times to any enemy, 1 Ghost Eye will be opened. If 5 Ghost Eyes are opened at the same time, she will enter the Evil Light state for certain time, during which if she attacks an enemy with basic attacks, 5 Ghost Eyes will attack the target in turn with each one dealing magic damage.

During the duration time of Evil Light, if Dodomeki seals an enemy shikigami, Flaming Eye, Gaze and Deadly Gaze will be refreshed instantly.

Ability 1: Flaming Eye
Dodomeki releases 3 Flaming Eyes in the specified direction to deal magic damage to enemies in their path and leave marks on the ground. The marks will explode after a short delay and deal magic damage to enemies on the marks.

Ability 2: Gaze
Dodomeki releases a Haunting Eye to the specified enemy to deal magic damage and create a gaze area to the target position to deal magic damage to enemies within the range and decrease the enemy's Armor and Magic Resist while restoring her HP at the same time.

Ability 3: Deadly Gaze
Dodomeki releases a Haunting Eye in the specified direction to deal magic damage to enemies in its path. If she uses the ability again within a short time, she will quickly dash to the current position of the Haunting Eye.

Ultimate Ability: Cursed Eye
Dodomeki releases Cursed Eye in the specified direction. Cursed Eye will create a Cursed Realm lasting after a short delay when arriving at its destination and inflict a Fear effect on enemies within its range while also dealing magic damage.

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