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Nov 4, 2018
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Surroundings and environment changes as time flows, Yet the area around Arakawa River have always enjoyed peace. People look upon the ruler of Arakawa River as god and pray towards him for blessings.

He, the ruler, introduces himself as he stood upon thousands of crowds.
“I am Lord Arakawa, my heart is devoted to controlling water.”

Lord Arakawa (Mage) will be joining the Royal Battle after the new season update on April 26th.

Mage VA: Takehito Koyasu

Being the lord of Arakawa River, he can continuously produce water balls and control them with his spiritual power to apply damage to the enemy. He is also able to summon fish that controls and gives damage to the enemy.

Lord Arakawa’s ultimate “Flowing Stream”, allows him to swim around the battlefield and stay in an advantage position.

Natural Passive (Empowering Flow)
Passive trigger: Every time after Lord Arakawa uses an ability, the range of his next basic attack will be increased, dealing extra magic damage and forms a water ball behind the target. If the basic attack hits an enemy shikigami, Lord Arakawa’s Surge Power will be restored.

Ability 1 (Passing Tide)
Lord Arakawa releases 3 water balls in the specified direction, dealing magic damage to enemies in path of the water balls. Any water balls touched will be pushed to the endpoint.

Ability 2 (Fish Strike)
Lord Arakawa summons Fish Strike to specified position. The fish will deal magic damage and slows the enemy down when it jumps out. Enemies hit by the fish will receive magic damage and stun, the fish will turn into a water ball afterwards.

Ability 3 (Flow Force)
Lord Arakawa recovers all water balls. Water balls will deal damages to enemies that are in their path. Each water ball that Lord Arakawa receives will restore Lord Arakawa’s health. If the water ball hits an enemy shikigami, HP restored will be increased.

Ultimate Ability (Flowing Stream)
Lord Arakawa charges toward the specified position, dealing magic damage to enemies along the way while forming a water ball at both the start and end points.

Each charge will use up his Surge Power. When he doesn’t use this ability, Surge Power will be gradually recovered.

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