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Nov 4, 2018
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As for the upcoming Season 5, there will be some changes made to the Battle Pass system: ‼️ Please note details may differ. For the finalized details, please refer to the instructions in the game.

Season 5 Battle Pass will have a maximum level of 80. Also, different types of quests will be implemented to give players diverse gaming experience and more rewards.
Rewards including Sakurako's skin, Cool Summer, Topic·Summer Island, Topic·Lord Arakawa, Return Cursed Seal: Fury Blow and so on.

New ways to unlock Battle Pass rewards!
- Spend 680 Jade to unlock all rewards of the Battle Pass, while instantaneously obtaining all Bounty Rewards up to the current Battle Pass level.
- Spend 1280 Jade to unlock all rewards of the Battle Pass, reach lv 20 immediately, obtain S5 Battle Pass exclusive frame and an Epic Skin for Shiro Mujou!

Daily Quests
1. During the entire Season 5, if the player completes at least 1 Ranked Match or Casual Match every day, they will clear the Daily Quests. After clearing all Daily Quests , the Battle Pass will immediately reach lv 80.

2. Players who miss out on the Daily Quests can use insurance, and the system will treat it as if the daily quest has been completed on that certain day (up to a maximum of 10 days for the entire season). However, if the daily quest has been missed on 11 days or more, the Daily Quests for the season will be deemed as failed.

3. The cost increases as the number of days that insurance is required increases.

Here’s the update preview for this week:

*The following information is only a preview and the content of the finalized update may differ.
For more details, please refer to the Update bulletin in-game.

New Season
Season 5 will start after the update on April 26th! Onmyoji, make your preparations!

New Shikigami

Lord Arakawa

Lord Arakawa will make his first debut in Battle Royale! Please stay tuned!
This week, players will be able to have early access to Lord Arakawa. Please stay tuned!

Battle Pass
A new Battle Pass will be available in Season 5! The maximum player level will be changed to 80, and new types of quests, methods of gaining experience, and wonderful rewards will be added to provide players with an even better gaming experience!

Latest Event

1. "Demonic·Kyuubi"
Event period: After the update on April 26th – May 2nd GMT+8
Tamamonomae's legendary skin "Demonic·Kyuubi" will be available for purchase! During the event, the skin will be 12% off. Onmyoji, please don’t miss out!

2. Early Summer Party
Event period: After the update on April 26th – May 2nd GMT+8
During the event, complete specific quests each day to obtain coupons. Use these coupons to obtain abundant rewards!

3. Recharge Gift
Event period: After the update on April 26th – May 9th GMT+8
During the event, reach a certain amount of in-game purchases to obtain various rewards including “Mystery Amulets”, “Evolution Amulets”, “Wish Charms”, rare frames and more!
Also, the “Heian Festival” Frame will be upgraded, and the “Top (Heian Festival)” Frame will be added.

Item Adjustments
1. Support Items adjustment

Item effect “Fortune”
Each Shikigami can only equip 1 item with “Fortune” effect.

8ft Magatama
Base stats will be changed. The new stats will be HP, HP Regen, Armor, and Magic Resist.
The fusion materials will be changed to “Destiny’s Tile”+“Hermit Kariginu”+“Straw Hat”.
Item effect “Fine Jade”: The rate that Armor and Magic Resist level up will be increased.

Base stats will be changed. The new stats will be: HP and HP Regen.
The fusion materials will be changed to: “Destiny’s Tile”+“Gold Bracer”.

Asakusa Glow
Base stats will be changed. The new stats will be: Ability Power, HP, Cooldown Reduction and MP Regen.
The fusion materials will be changed to: “Destiny’s Tile”+“Kojiki Scroll”.
Item effect “Fluorescence”: Cooldown time will be decreased.

Fashionable Trinket
Item effect “Fortune”: The additional damage dealt to enemy Shikigami will be increased.

2. Magic Item adjustments

Ability Power will be decreased.
Item effect “[Drunken Dream]”: If a regular attack is performed within 5 minutes of using a skill, you will deal additional Ability Power damage.

Shadow Fan
Ability Power will be decreased.
New stats: Cooldown time will be decreased, but the movement speed bonus will be removed.

Night Parasol
Item Effect “Night Parasol”: 1 charge will be recovered each time a fixed period of time has passed.

Shichimen Tennyo
Item Effect “Tennyo”: The layer limit will be increased.

New Content

1. New Item “Hanafuda” will be added.
Players can tap on the “Hanafuda” in their Package to redeem an “Evolution Amulet”.
2. Monster actions/AI will be optimized.
They will perform various actions when they leave battle.
3. New Shikigami will be added to Mirage Realm.
Mannendake, Puppeteer, Hakuro, Futakuchi and Kyonshi Imoto will become available in Mirage Realm!

Optimizations and adjustments

1. Optimized the mechanics when releasing Ultimate Ability of Tamamonomae and Mannendake.
2. Adjusted the font of the text under the interface theme “Rivalry”.
3. Optimized the status bar above Shikigami in battle. The status icons will no longer overlap each other.
4. In order to the difficulty for unlocking the Evo Skin for each Shikigami, we changed it so that the requirements for unlocking each Shikigami’s Evo Skin are the same.
5. Optimized the display effect/font in spectate mode.

Please note that the following optimizations and adjustments only apply to the Global server:
1. Optimized part of the rules in Ranked Match. Fog of War will apply to all maps in Elite tier or higher.
2. Optimized the matching speed for the Elite tier and above.

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