Onmyoji’s New Spinoff - Onmyoji: The Card Game Pre-registration Opens in Selected Regions

NetEase Games announced today that the pre-registration is now open for Onmyoji: The Card Game in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Australia. The game is scheduled to soft launch in these four regions within the year. The official site is also opened today for pre-registration. Activities with rich rewards await.

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Official preregistration sites for the Philippines: https://onmyojitcg.onelink.me/NZxL/d14f71d8

Pre-register now and get rewards when the game launches. The rewards will become richer as the number of preregistrations grows: Gold*10000 for 10,000 preregistration, Jikikaeru Ticket*15 for 50,000 preregistration, Furniture*1 for 100,000 preregistration, Card Pack*2 for 150,000 preregistration and Kusa Card Pack for 200,000 preregistrations!

Onmyoji: The Card Game is a duel card game based on Onmyoji. It inherits Onmyoji’s world construct. Players will step into Shinkiro—a tower ship city accessible only to Yokai—and play the most popular card game, Hyakubun.

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In addition to the world construct inheritance, the game adopts Live2D dynamic effects in its card portrait redesign. And famous Japanese composer Satoru Kosaki is invited to create a new soundtrack. All this is to make the Shinkiro into the promised land of Yokai, offering an amazing Japanese style fantasy and audiovisual experience to players.

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Onmyoji: The card game introduces a new card duel gameplay. Its strategic core is the combining of Shikigami and its exclusive cards. Cards are divided into different categories as Combat Cards, Spell Cards and Form Cards. Each category contains different functions. Cards can be upgraded, transformed, and used to play combo, offering a rapidly changing fighting experience.

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The preregistration for the game is open today in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Australia. It’s scheduled to soft launch in these regions later this year. Please follow the official Facebook for latest information.

About Onmyoji: The Card Game

Onmyoji: The Card Game is a Yokai-themed collectible card mobile game developed by NetEase games and a spinoff of Onmyoji. Hundreds of top painters and voice actors teamed up to create a hidden world of Yokai. The soundtrack is the work of Satoru Kosaki, famous Japanese composer.

Onmyoji: The Card Game creates a very different sensation from the original work, Onmyoji. Not only are the portraits redesigned, but also a new soundtrack is produced, bringing a brand new Yokai feast for Onmyoji fans.

About NetEase Games

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