OP Clint Thunder Build


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Jul 1, 2017
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First of all i want to say that if you follow this build, play passive in the lane and not over extending and being really aggressive. By doing the build go in the mid lane or bot lane with your support, all you do is farm a lot, get kills/assists if you have a chance. You can be aggressive if you want to once you get the thunder belt and your 2nd item since you can do a lot of damage. This build is really strong mid game and late game.

Youtube Video of the Gameplay===== =====

Clint's Passive:
After raleasing a skill, next basic attack will penetrates target, dealing 120% of basic attack as damage.
Clint's Abilities:
Blind Smoke
Projects a smoke shell, dealing 160 PHYSICAL DAMAGE to enemies in the area. The enemies in the smoke area will decrease by 25%, movement speed will be decreases by 60%.

Heel Rope
Shoots a trap net forwards dealind 160 PHYSICAL DAMAGE to the first enemy it touches and slow the enemy down. While the hero step backward for a few distance.

Launches a grenade towards the target, dealing 230 PHYSICAL DAMAGE. It can stack up to 5 grenades.

You go Thunder Belt First Item
Thunder Belt is the main item on this build. SO passive of this item is that every skill you use it gives you 70% physical damage as TRUE DAMAGE and slows down the enemy which is great for chasing enemies. It also gives you 800 HP, 400 mana and 40 amor which makes you tanky and not easily to be burst down by assasins.

2nd and 3rd item you go for Scarlet Phantom or Swift Boots
Swift Boots: This item gives you movement speed and 15% attack speed.

Scarlet Phantom gives you 30% damage, 40% attack speed and 10% crit.The passive of this items gives you increased attack speed by 35% and crit chance by 5%, lasting 2 sec.

4TH Item go for Endless Battle
This items gives you 5% movement speed, 15% lifesteal,50 damage. It works with Clints passive and Thunders belt Passive sinve this items passive gives you 70% physical damage as True damage, which basically enemies armor is useless since you deal a lot of tru damage. Plus it gives you lifesteal and movement speed.

5th Item go for Malefic Roar
This item gives you 60 physical damage. 40% Armor Penetration and attack will ignore 20% of a defense turret's defensice armor. This item is very usefull against 3 tanks enemy comp since you deal a lot of true damage and you penetrate their armor. So basically u can one shot squishies and mages, as well as dealing tons of damage against a tank.

Lats Item go for Blade of Despair
This item gives you 130 damage, 25% attack speed and 10% crit chance. This items is very strong with thunder belt since this item's passives gives you 10% extra damage to enemies that are in an abnormal state (stunned, slowed and etc.) Since thunder belt gives slow, you deal more damage.