Open out of Nowhere: Bless Mobile OBT appears suddenly in the Play Store

Well, it seems like the more obscure yet effective way to gain hype is to casually release the game even if it's an open beta test and let people discover and rave about it. I mean it worked well on Apex Legends which still is very popular until this day so maybe it should be work with different IPs, such as one that we are going to talk about today.

Bless Mobile a.jpg

Back when I was searching for a good roleplaying game out there, I often heard about Bless Online developed by JOYCITY and how it would be great, well, I grew out of my interest currently in RPG as I stuck myself into gacha and I found out that Bless Mobile is already out and I was shocked to know that they have expanded their market quickly, which leaves me curious how would they fare well in the mobile industry. But before speculations, let's talk about the game.

Bless Online's plot revolves around two nations vying for power. With both nations having allegiances on various races, choose wisely which race you would go to align. Take note that if you are going to play the mobile version though some races might not be available yet. It's best to explore the races and nations once you delved in so you can make a choice without prejudice so we'll leave at it that.

Bless Mobile b.jpg

The game consists of 5 classes that you can pick to select your expertise. They also boast a customization system that makes you play whatever you like to look at in the game, so if you feel like making a character no one has ever seen before or roleplay a certain character from a series you like. The choice is yours to make. With guild and friend set-up then you're set to play with your friends to have a fun time. However, one thing that is interesting for me is the Life Skills, various ones such as fishing, gathering, farming, etc. Now that's something I'd like to see more in some games so that we can immerse ourselves in the game.

Bless Mobile c.png

If you are interested you can check out the game on Google Play Store. But yeah, expect those things coming in Bless Mobile, some features may not be available now, but they are going to be soon as they will try to match up the PC equivalent. I'll keep the game on my watch list to see if it improves but how about you? Will you play the game? Tell us in the comments below!