Oppo x Neon Genesis Evangelion Collaboration for Ace2 Phone

Get in the robot, Shinji! It's time for us to remember the good ol' days of mecha anime (not like today is bad, but legends never die!), how? Well, by having a collaboration with one of the smartphone companies today! Yep, that's right, Oppo launched a special edition phone with Neon Genesis Evangelion vibes. Let's talk about it.

The Phone
Oppo released a brand-new limited-edition phone which is a special one compared to the standard version of the model. Oppo Ace2 x EVA is the special version of the Oppo Ace2 phone which has a lot of references to the anime.

Oppo Ace2 x EVA's color scheme is based upon Evangelion Unit-01 which has a purple, black and green design. This specific Evangelion unit is important to the series as this is the one that the main character, Shinji pilots on, so anyone who knows about Evangelion should get the reference quickly. Oppo even made the protective case alongside with Unit-01's design. But that does not mean it has a lot of protection going on, so make sure to keep the phone safe incase you buy them.

The Other Stuff
Well, it's not just the phone that is decked out in an Evangelion design. Packaging also has its references. Not to mention that the wired earphones and charger also reminds us of the anime, good stuff! Hardcore fans of NGE should probably be pretty happy at this one.

But Oppo has more things to offer. If you really want to go the long mile, they also made an Oppo Watch that has the color scheme of the plugsuit of Asuka, another vital character to the show. Then you also have the Oppo Enco W31 Wireless Earbuds which has the color scheme of Rei Ayanami's plugsuit. Overall, these items are perfect for the hardcore fans, so you should pretty check this out.

The Series
But for those who are unaware of what Neon Genesis Evangelion is, it is an old school, classic mecha anime that was released back in the 1995. The show has a lot of acclaims and praises due to its artistic view and truly imind-evoking moments that every anime fan should watch. It has a lot of controversies and issues due to its deep aspect and people are still talking about it today, but if you are definitely curious about it. You should just watch and see for yourself why it is a timeless anime.

The Price
Ofcourse, we need to know the price if people would like to buy, yes? Sadly, the only way to buy this is if you import from China in the official Oppo page there. Here's the direct link for the phone itself, https://www.opposhop.cn/products/1499.html , which amounts to PHP 31,045.78 when converted from Chinese Yuan. From there, you can also check out Asuka Oppo Watch which costs PHP 15,522.89 and finally, the Rei Earbuds which the price is PHP 2,822.34. With that price point, collectors, hardcore fans and those who want something different for their phone can truly see the value despite the cost it has. If this does not convince you, maybe the classic way of advertisement will, check this out.

At the end of the day, a phone is a phone and a collaboration really sparks interest for the fans. If you like what you are seeing and in need of a phone, or just wants to have this because it does look fantastic and aesthetically pleasing, get one for yourself. But for the general people, what are your thoughts about this? Tell us in the comments below!