Overcooked is the new EGS free game until June 11! PC 

Guild of Guardians
Now, for some who has already grabbed the game, you might thought that it is a rerun, well, it is! HAHA, so man your stations, prepare to cook under pressure because there's a lot of challenges waiting for you in this thrill-fest game. Overcooked is going to be free on EGS for a limited time.

For those who would like to know Overcooked is a game where you can play with someone and you will control a number of chefs, of course you're in a kitchen and serving up food for others, but there's a twist, you need to move past the obstacles and hazards that is on the way to make sure that you deliver the food smoothly and in a proper order while making sure that the time limit is observed. If you think about it, that's chaos!

In fact, I have heard that this game is the best for casual gamers since the mechanics is easy and the game can be easily understood by those who are not well-versed in other games. Also, this is perfect for couples since it will be a test of patience and teamwork that will definitely strengthen your relationship!

Now, some of you are asking why is Overcooked reran and ARK is not the free game today, will there's no strong about the reason but there is a rumor about the current events which is why it's delayed so we'll leave it at that. Besides, it might be the next week that it will be released as a free game. There are also news that Samurai Showdown might be free too, so chances of having 2 free games in EGS might be high, so let's see if it became true.

In the end, a free game is a free game, therefore if you have a relationship partner or someone you want to play with, and usually does not play games, then Overcooked is a perfect game to pick up and enjoy with them. As always, stay informed with Epic's free games here in PinoyGamer.

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