Overhit Global will be launching in 7 days


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Aug 7, 2018
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The long wait is finally over and Overhit Global will be launching globally in 7 days! A letter from the development team! Overhit Global will be launching in a week and we are all excited!

But, meanwhile, we’d like to give you a quick Q&A on the questions we have been frequently asked throughout our communities!

Q1. Why is OVERHIT launching in Australia and Canada first?
First, we are happy to announce to the community that the official launch of OVERHIT is only seven days away!

That said, we have launched in two countries previously, in order to make sure to provide the best possible service to our players when we launch worldwide.

Even as we roll out this initial launch, we will continue to prepare languages, systems, and event components for you, the many Heroes of OVERHIT.

Additionally, we will be opening a new server at the global launch for players who might be concerned about the discrepancy between themselves and the Heroes who have had a head start.

Q2. Why did you make the global launch build based on those two countries?
We’ve heard this question from a lot of Heroes who have tried the game or seen the global trailer. Yes, it's true that the global build was created with those countries in mind. In the end, certain scenarios, VO, systems, and other aspects of OVERHIT proved best suited to those particular countries, so we chose to start there.

However, this is only the beginning. The global build will have an even higher level of service and content.

We see this initial release as an opportunity to continue improving the game, and we're confident that the experience we gain from the limited launch will let us make a product that Heroes around the world will love.

Q3. Hey, why does it seem like Heroes have lower summon rates in the global version?!
This is due to the different service philosophies as described above, and players should note that we've included other features to compensate for this difference. For example, there is a special "Legendary Gacha" that exists only in the global version that allows you to obtain the highest grade SSR Heroes guaranteed—not by chance. In other words, only the global version of the game will let you get the highest grade Heroes without worry.

There will also be hero soulstone exclusively for the global version, so that players can craft high-grade heroes through gameplay.

Finally, we are also preparing various special systems exclusively for the global version. Thank you for your support so far, and we hope you'll continue to cheer for us in the future.

We understand that there are other questions from your heroes, which need to be answered, but for the time being, we can only ask you to stay tuned for the upcoming news on our official Facebook page.

We hope that these have addressed and ameliorated some of your concerns!

See you at our global launching