Overlord Mobile Game: Mass for the Dead EN Released today

Overlord has been a great spin to the isekai series. Instead of being the hero or savior of a certain story. The main character Ainz Ooal Gown is the villain of the story, which makes him very unique as a villain protagonist in his story.

This spawned a growing fanbase for the anime, which makes sense to create a mobile game for it! Thus, Mass for the Dead has been made and now finally in EN!

Mass for the Dead is a role-playing game which, the EN version will be handled by Crunchyroll Games. This game will consist of a turn-based combat system which you will be able to use moves to attack enemies and do more actions while powering up a special skill once the power-up meter has reached the maximum level.

This gameplay is what you see often in other games so this system will not be a stranger for those who are acquainted with the mobile RPG games. As for the gacha, you will roll characters and scenes that will act as a buffer or booster to some attributes and skills.

Gacha will always have the bane of duplicate rolls so the solution on this game is that, it will increase your luck stat which helps you on having drops in your questing.

For the characters, events and collaborations. Ainz, which is the main character of the anime, will be having a low drop rate, so that will be a worry for those who wish to have him. But if you do get lucky, he has the ability to carry you through various events and quests which is understandable since he is very notable and must have that power levels.

For the events, aside from story events, there would also be various seasonal events such as Valentines and Christmas which will have its own mix of characters as well. Collaborations are also active with this game, Overlord is included as one of the main series of Isekai Quartet, another anime featuring an isekai crossover so expect the same series that they share in that anime to be collaborated with the game as well, examples are Konosuba and Re:Zero, other collabs include Date a Live and Youjo Senki.

For Overlord fans, this would definitely be a treat but some people are worried of the ones that are handling the game, Crunchyroll Games, based on their track record with their previously handled games, people are wary about their involvement with the game.

But let us see if there would be any difference this time. Will you be picking up this game? Tell us below!