Overthrow the Cruel World With Your Sin in This New JRPG Tales of Crestoria

BANDAI NAMCO announces that a new mobile RPG under the Tales series will soon be available in Android and iOS this upcoming month of June called Tales of Crestoria; an intriguing JRPG that revolves around serious themes of morality, sin, and rebel with a cause.

The said game puts you in the shoes of Kanata Hjuger, a boy who lives in a world ruled by a surveillance like system called "Vision Orbs" that can record all your doings including your crimes. One day Kanata together with his friend Misella commits a supposed grave crime that made them a "transgressor" and now hunted by the enforcers who saw what they did in the vision orb. The two who now foun themseles the enemy of the administrator of World Order because of their sin will be helped by an enigmatic man called Vicious, The Transgressor. Here they will found out that accepting their sin will give them the power of Stain of Blood Sin to be able to overthrow the World Order.

Like any other Tales games, Crestoria's gameplay is heavily leaned on turn-based combat with chance of acquiring new characters via Memoria Stone system to add in your current team. Each character has their own skills and attack plus a Overlimit Gauge that when filled can unleash a devastating Mystical Arts to your enemies. Besides the Main Story that you will follow, you can also accomplish Side Story along the way and Character Episodes that will narrate the personal story of specific characters that you will encounter in the game.

Once you acquired a character, you can customize and upgrade its skills by adding accessories and equipments that you can unlock as the story of the game progress. With vivid 3D graphics and smooth animation, it wouldn't hurt to make your characters look good especially in battle. You can also meet and recruit fan-fave characters from other Tales RPG such as Cress, Velvet and Luke to fight on your side.

Since it is under the umbrella of Tales series starting from their granddaddy Tales of Phantasia, you could expect a lot of commonalities in Tales of Crestorias with its predecessor such as the anime design and Japanese Voice Cast. But what really sets Crestoria different from the rest is its story that will even non-fans will surely found curious and deep along with its unique, engaging characters.

Accept you sin and bear it like a weapon in the battlefield! Tales of Crestoria is now open for pre-registration so take your slot now at Google Play and wage war against the World Order.


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