Overview of the Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Season 4 Update

The COD Warzone Mobile is now live with a new multiplayer map, new game modes, new operator skins, black cell weapon blueprints with toxic aesthetics, a new battle pass, two new game modes, and more.


The fan-favorite Crash Map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the newest 6x6 Multiplayer Map in Warzone Mobile season 4, with its updated and optimized design exclusively for Warzone Mobile.

The Season 4 Battle Pass is now up for purchase with over 100 exciting rewards and 1,400 COD Points that can be obtained upon leveling up. It includes new operator skins, weapon blueprints, base weapons, and more.


If you wish to upgrade your Battle Pass rewards, you may purchase the BlackCell that instantly unlocks new operators and also offers rewards valuing over 7, 000 COD Points, including 12 animated Operator Skins, 6 tracer Weapon Blueprints with OFX, an additional 1,100 COD Points, and other exclusive rewards.

Soap’s “Nautilus” Operator Skin can be unlocked instantly after purchasing the Season 4 Battle Pass, with his aesthetics in diving technology and a tactical uniform maximizing mobility and defense. Those who purchased BackCell can unlock the “Nautilus BlackCell” skin with soap in a mask filled with animated gas and green eyes with toxic.

Meanwhile, the new Hammer Operator wears his mask in this base Operator Skin, with a headset and a 5 o’clock shadow. The BlackCell version of his skin has a flashier gold and black look, with his face mask spewing green fumes out the front.

Additionally, the Season 4 update brings updates to Verdansk with a helicopter that has been shot down, scattering parts, and advanced bio-lab technology across the area, and Rebirth Island with its newly docked ship at the island’s port houses chemical storage units.

Both maps will feature flammable, toxic barrels within the wreckage and cargo. Crashing these barrels will give you additional event points that can be used in the associated weekly event.

Here are the following weekly events for Warzone Mobile Season 4 where players can obtain free rewards:
  • Week 1: Desert Echoes (BAS-B Scorched Apparition and Combat Knife Dust Cutter)
  • Week 2: Plague Fighter + Spread the Dead (XRK Stalker, Black Death Manuscript, Tonfas, Blightwave)
  • Week 3: Crystalize (X12: Shardburst/AAlejandro: Thrill Seeker)
  • Week 4: XP Boost Week (Shoot the Ship/TTDM 24/7)
  • Week 5: Week 5 Event Store (MTZ-DDiabolical/KKleo-HHazardStriker)

New weapons are now available in Warzone Mobile, including the classic rifle Kar98k that is capable of delivering high damage output with a slow rate of fire and the pistol-caliber carbine chambered in 4.6x30mm, the Superi 46 SMG.


The Season 4 update is also introducing two limited-time new game modes, Killstreak Roulette and Battle Royale: Buyer’s Royale. In Killstreak Roulette, it is a Deathmatch variant where players are awarded a random Killstreak for every three consecutive eliminations in a single life.

Battle Royale: Buyer’s Royale Mode, on the other hand, is a cash-based game mode. It allows players to make quick purchases via an on-screen Cloud Buy Station to avoid fights over physical Buy Stations. These Cloud Buy Stations offer access to powerful weapons not typically found in loot caches and the ability to revive downed teammates.

Since Warzone Mobile Season 4 is currently underway, players are looking forward to the Call of Duty crossover with Gundam that will be available in Warzone Mobile, as well as the CoD x Fallout crossover, about which fans are speculating.