Overview of the Clash Royale Season 60 Update and the Upcoming Weekly Events

The Clash Royale Season 60, called Goblin’s Gambit, is now live for the entire week, with new contents including new skins, emotes, rewards, a season shop update, and upcoming events.


The season 60 June update is introducing the Card Evolution for the Goblin Barrel with its Decoy Barrel Ability. This new ability allows players to throw two barrels instead of one to confuse opponents and attack their towers.

The first barrel contains three normal goblins, while the second one contains the Decoy goblins, which deal damage similar to normal goblins but with 60% less health.

In terms of new skins, there will be only one new Tower Skin, the Gold Goblin Tower, and it can only be acquired through the Royale Pass at Tier 48 of the Gold Tier.

For the emotes, there are three emotes: the Bowler Sus (Path of Legends), Goblin Barrel Evo Dance (Pass Royale), and King Hide (IAP). While in Banners, there will be 1 banner for Diamond Pass Royale owners, 4 in the Banner Box, 1 as the season-themed promotional banner, and 1 from the Season Shop.

Clash Royale Season Shop Update

This Season Shop’s update will feature 8 cards, including the Goblin Gang, Electro Spirit, Rocket, Valkyrie, Goblin Barrel, and Bowler cards. It costs 500 tokens each for a set of 100 or 25 cads, depending on its rarity.

Additionally, The Log and Mother Witch cards are also available for 1500 tokens for a set of 1 card in the Season Shop, with the Ice Spirit Shards, Goblin Barrel, Valkyrie, Goblin Gang, and The Log with an Epic Book of Cards for 1000 tokens and Wild Shards for 6000 tokens. A Common Book of Cards is also available for 10,000 tokens.


Fans should also watch out for upcoming events like the Goblin Buffs, which will commence on June 10, 2024, and last only until June 17, 2024. Throughout this event, all the major goblin-related cards will get buffs.

From June 17 until June 24, the Classic Decks Evolution event will run, and it is more likely to feature several classic evolution-centered decks. Supercell hasn't revealed additional details yet regarding this event.


The last event will be the Goblin Party Hut event, which will run from June 24 until July 1. It will center around a goblin-related card that shares the same name as the event and will likely have special buffs, allowing it to spawn stronger goblins from the hut.