Overwatch 2 Dead? Zelda Sales and Movie? Mortal Kombat 1, Lord of the Rings MMORPG, Sword Art Online: Integral Factor PC and more

In our recent gaming podcast Filipino gamers discuss about if Overwatch 2 is already dead because they cancelled the PVE Hero mode, Zelda sales and a possible Zelda Movie? Resident Evil Manga, Mortal Kombat 1, Lord of the Rings MMO, Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is coming to PC, Hawken Reborn, a Humble Bundle PSA.


Who’s not playing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom right now? I am on top of Star rail on top of Diablo 4. Well The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a sold 10 million copies in its first three days, making it the fastest-selling title in franchise history. Is it good? Well majority are giving a 10/10 the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Except for Kotaku their still salty, they said “Unanimous praise is boring, and quite frankly unhealthy” adds salt, wont be surprised of kotaku goes bankrupt.

As for me just watching the youtube clips blow away my expectations, you can build gundams: On day 1 plates are making dicks constructs and on day 2 space age with satellites and Macross jets. On a side note what do you think of a Zelda movie? Will this work like Mario? In a recent in-depth interview with Polygon the creators are apparently interested in a Movie Adaptation. “I have to say, I am interested. For sure. But it’s not just me being interested in something that makes things happen, unfortunately,” said Aonuma.

But dont get your hopes up as fans need to rally on this “Maybe the voice of the fans is what’s important here,” Fujibayashi continued. But what do you think do you think the zelda movie is a good idea?

Overwatch 2​

Is anyone here playing Overwatch? How about Overwatch 2?

Well dont worry seems like Overwatch 2 is dead, that's at least the sentiment online right now. Why? Because the key selling point when Overwatch 2 was announced was the PVE hero mode. This is a mode was set to have new hero abilities, co-op attacks, and a level progression system. However, this wasn't part of the initial launch in 2019 and was promised to come sometime in 2023.

It's 2023 and its not here, in fact Blizzard just outright canceled it, imagine buying a game coz of a feature it its not there? False advertising? As a previous overwatch player, the hook of the game is honestly the characters, story, and the good cinematics. So for them to remove PVE story-focused events just made Overwatch 2 generic. I would even call it Overwatch 2, as it feels like OW2 is just a patch and not a sequel. Basically, Ow2 just overwatch all along

Lord of the Rings MMO
A new Lord of the Ring MMORPG has been announced, note this is different from LOTR Online back in 2007. Set in a persistent world in Middle-earth, featuring the stories of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings literary trilogy. So the new LOTR MMO will be developed by Amazon Games, Specifically, the team who developed New World, hopefully no GPU melting. The MMO is aimed at PC and Consoles unfortunately no release date has been mentioned, currently in the early stages of production

Hawken Reborn
Probably no one remembers Hawken? Basically, it's like mech Warrior but more team-based like overwatch but with robots. So why are we talking about it well it's being reborn literally, 505 Games has announced free-to-play mech first-person shooter Hawken Reborn for PC. The game will launch in Early Access via Steam on May 17.

Has anyone here watched SAO? So if you are a fan of Sword Art Online the mobile version of Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is coming to PC. Integral Factor is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online RPG initially released for Android and iOS. As for the PC version no release date has been mentioned, based from the Steam screenshots and graphics seem outdated.

Mortal Kombat
A new Mortal Kombat game has been revealed and instead of calling it 12 it seems like they are doing a reboot, as the title is Mortal Kombat 1. In a sense it ties up to the ending of MK11 which involves time travel, so this might be the result. The game will introduce a reborn Mortal Kombat Universe that has been created by the Fire God Liu Kang, which features reimagined versions of iconic characters. Mortal Kombat 1 will arrive on September 19 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Resident Evil
A new Resident Evil manga is being serialized, this time it's based on the upcoming CGI movie Resident Evil Death Island. Basically, Capcom announced that a manga adaptation of the upcoming Resident Evil Death Island CG movie. The manga adaptation will follow the same plot as the movie. The new manga will be serialized from May 19, 2023 on the online manga and comic website COMIC Hu. Since its serialized, there will be a new chapter monthly. If you dont have time to read the movie Resident Evil Death Island will come out on July 7, 2023.

Humble Bundle
This is just PSA, where do you guys buy games? Are you using Humble Bundle? I'm subscribed for years now i just get monthly games, majority i don't play. But if you want to save you can check it out, note this not a sponsorship.


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