Overwatch 2 to collaborate with Korean Girl Group Le Sserafim featuring skins, custom game mode, and the group’s new single

Blizzard announced the confirmation of an Overwatch 2 collaboration with female k-pop group Le Sserafim, featuring the group’s new single, a custom game mode, and exclusive in-game items including legendary hero skins as part of this crossover. This will be recorded as the game’s first ever music-based collaboration after prominent crossovers with One Punch Man, Diablo 4, and a minor brand deal with Gentle Monster, a Korean eyewear company.


Blizzard, the creator of Overwatch 2, recently unveiled the teaser artwork for this collaboration, indicating a possible future of exclusive in-game skins. However, the developer hasn't disclosed any details yet regarding the visuals and what to expect with this Le Sserafim custom game mode, exclusive collaboration in-game items, and Overwatch hero skins.


In a press release, Walter Kong, a director and executive producer at Blizzard, stated "We're extremely excited to be working with LE SSERAFIM for our game's first musical artist collaboration." "Like the heroes of Overwatch, the members are amazing as individuals but unstoppable when they come together”, he added.

Le Sserafim, previously known as Gfriend, is a Korean girl group composed of five members: Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, Kim Chaewon, Sakura, and Hong Eunchae. This group is currently managed by Source Music and Hybe Corporation.

Since their major hit “Fearless” was released, the group has accumulated a massive following in the K-pop community. They are considered one of the fastest-growing K-pop groups, gathering over 50 million views for their music videos on YouTube.

In addition, Le Sserafim's upcoming single titled “Perfect Night” will showcase some visuals inspired by Overwatch 2 in its music video. On Nov. 4, Le Sserafim is scheduled to perform at Blizzcon in the Blizzcon Arena, including their new single, “Perfect Night”, following the end of Community Night, which runs from November 3–4.

Stay tuned for more information, as Blizzard is expected to unveil more details regarding this crossover on October 30 and is scheduled to release on November 1.