Overwatch PTR Update

Public Test Realm Overwatch latest update introduces significant alterations to Lucio and his ability to buff or heal nearby teammates. Put simply, the changes buff many of Lucio's abilities but limit his ability to aid his entire team at any one time. The Crossfade area of effect has been reduced from 30 meters to 10, but the healing amount has been increased to 50%. o help players adjust to this, a visual effect has been added temporarily that helps to demonstrate the new range of Lucio's songs.

As always with PTR updates, these changes to Lucio may or may not make it into the live game intact. Overwatch's newest character, Orisa, for instance, quickly faced balance adjustments after being introduced on the PTR.

All of this is already available on the PTR version of the game, which is accessible to owners of the PC version. There's no word on how soon these changes might be implemented in the full game, but we do know a patch adding Orisa arrives tomorrow, March 21.

source via PlayOverwatch