Overwatch’s Sombra and Halloween event details

Overwatch may have a new mode named The Sombra which will offer different type of gameplay. It's like a defend a castle mode which will allow you to defend the castle from Dr. Junkenstein's evil and Zomnics evil allies that will have 3 levels of difficulty. Dr. Junkenstein likely refers to leaked images of a Dr. Frankenstein-inspired version of Junkrat, which players dug out from game data and what appears to be a leaked issue of the Overwatch comic book.

The comic appears to show Halloween costumes for a number of Overwatch characters, including Mercy as a witch, Reaper as a jack-o’-lantern-wearing wraith, Junkrat as a mad scientist and Roadhog as his Frankenstein’s monster-esque creation. That horror-themed event may also tie into another possible leak from earlier this week. Some Xbox One owners reported seeing "Halloween loot boxes" on the Xbox Store.​

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