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Aug 9, 2018
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Due to popular demand (and a great way to spend your time wisely in the office) I have decided to create a guide for the up and rising Hi-Rez studio's FPS MOBA known as Paladins - Champions of the Realm.

But first, let me waste a minute of your time introducing myself. Most games I go by the name Nozy. But due to character number limitations, I registered nozylicious. I'm thinking of spending 400 crystals to change my name to xNozyx but what the heck. I used to be a hardcore gamer back in the days when all my spare time was spent playing video games and I choose to play rather than rest. Because let's face it, the classroom is the best place to sleep during the day.

I consider myself a skilled FPS player - wreaking havoc on Counter Strike 1.3 (sweet HS memories) and as a MOBA player - played DOTA, LOL and HON when both games were still under OBT and other MOBA spinoffs.

You could say I have had my share of victories and defeat to know a thing or two when it comes to these genres and games like Paladins who inculcates both FPS and MOBA is just icing on my cake. I consider myself an old timer with some fight left in me at the modern age of today's gaming where children grew up in front of the monitor than outside the streets.

Where keyboard warriors rule the internet but probably don’t know how to land a punch. Anyway back to the guide!

Today I wanted to focus on the ROLES and how I believe each person should approach the game based on the roles they have chosen. I will not be focusing on any particular champion. My guide aims to help newbies figure out where they should be more often than not around the map and what their main objective should be thru the course of the game.

Feel free to comment/suggest below the article for a healthy discussion and to help out all our other friends who plan to improve their game.


Even back in the glory days of Counter Strike, there had always been objectives. DE_MAPS for C4, CS_MAPS save the hostages. But each round ends when either all CT or Terrorist are dead so why bother with the objectives right? I think this is how the KILL-FIRST-ONLY mentality happened.

Some even go beyond and reset each time their deaths are more than their kill count and each round of senseless killings continue until server time reaches end point. Don’t even get me started with MOBA.

Let’s just say when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it’s actually possible common now to have a line-up of 4/5 carries. So Kills>Death looks good on paper? Maybe. But I’ll take 5k elo anytime than 2KDR ratio.

(I suspect Paladins elo starts at 3.5k) I mean this is just me talking, so if you are more in to the KDR hall of fame inductee, you are looking in to the wrong guide.


These champions have the highest HP pool in game and have abilities that are focused on withstanding damage, long enough to focus on objectives (capping and pushing payload). Should you choose to play as a front line your job is to secure the point and help your team absorb all damage that are flying across the map.

When I say absorb I don’t mean catching bullets like they are points. Frontlines usually have the “SHIELDS” skills that when timed perfectly can delay potential death of your carries/support.

When your team has the number advantage it’s hard to lose.


If you want to be calling the shots I suggest you take front line. Your team will heavily rely on your positioning since you are most likely the first to be seen on the war zone.

If you are feeling lazy this is usually the best role to take. You don’t chase enemy heroes, you’re not expected to deal massive amount of damage, and the only time you get blamed for losing the game is if your opponents are more useless than you are.

Typical scenario if you ask me.


If you are new to the game I suggest you pass on the front liner since a team with a “lost tank” usually spells disaster and games like these have a 5:1 ratio of toxic players. So expect a lot of heat when your team is down 0-2 and you spend more time watching behind the spectator view than standing on point.

If you value KDA more important than ELO rating then you might not be the RIGHT person tanking for the team.


The most picked role on every genre, aka “carry” aka “food” depending on which side you are on. These characters usually thrive on killing enemies that dare cross their sights. If you wish to play as damager your job is to make sure there are less enemies standing on the objectives so your tank/support can take the point.

This is the only time I can think of where carries are allowed to focus on tanks. Do it on your typical MOBA game and be ready for you mom to be called names.


My first game on Paladins I chose Kinessa without even knowing what she can do. To my surprise I did pretty well even when I had no clue what the fuck was going on. In other words these roles are best suited for first timers. They allow you to get a feel of the game without worrying about the consequences.

You’re not in charge of the point, you’re not in charge of healing the team and no, you are just designed to KILL.

KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES. Even if it’s your team mate that’s fine shoot them. Better safe than sorry.


You see 3 damagers picked, common sense will tell you that you shouldn’t. But what the heck do I know right? Besides the captain obvious, do not choose damagers if you are having an OFF game.

Take a break, get off your seat, grab a drink or go pee do something else but don’t play and take damager and you can’t hit for shit. If you can’t damage enough for your teammates to take objectives, you’re better logging off and let AI take over.


THEY DA REAL MVP. This is the role that don’t get much credit but get most of the blame even if they do more damage than the enemy damager. Seriously, this role can do 10 things right and still eat shit for something they didn’t do.

But in a more serious note, these characters help front liners stay long enough to do their jobs and hopefully take point in the process. They usually dictate the pace of the battle.

A pro support gives their team the confidence it needs to go RAMBO. A poor support usually gets the other players doubting whether it’s safe to actually go in or just spam F away from the point.


Best taken after 5 or more games. By then you should have the feel of how the match works and what each and every one is expected of.

If you shy away from the spotlight and would rather be known by the real pros then this role is the best for you. Going support does not only mean you are deviating away from the norm, but it may suggest that your maturity level is higher than most players.

Proof? Try auto picking support in every game you play regardless if you first/last pick in casual and let me know how many players will actually argue with you on your selection.

But do try and auto pick flank with the same scenario and let me know the difference. Go on, I’ll wait.


If you feel like you need to take matters with your own hands skip this role. As good as any support can be if the other roles are playing like garbage, you’ll probably be spending time with them spectating dumb ways to die.

I suggest taking support in a pre-made team/duo if it will be your first time. Review your team composition. If your team lacks fire power it’s safe to skip this role altogether and just focus on quick eliminations. To be honest I’ve won more games without support than games running 2 supports.

If my statement seems hard to swallow think of it this way. If we had a premade match off all classes going at it; frontline vs damagers vs support vs flanks with the current character selections we have right now, who do you think will lose more?

(I hope this is tested and I would like a copy of the match please. I’ll re-write this section if I have to)


How many people are there who actually knows the definition of flank? Here let me help you.

Flank as a noun - the right or left side of a body of people such as an army, a naval force, or a soccer team. Synonyms – side, wing

Flank as a verb - be on each or on one side of.

As implied, the role is designed to approach/attack from the sides ergo NOT UPFRONT.

You already have the front liners covering that part. The damagers can pretty much do well whichever angle they are coming from and supports are either in the game or they aren’t.

The flank’s main objective is to approach the enemies’ side or more effectively from behind to disrupt the enemy’s line of sights, attention and battle plans. Sounds like a huge amount of work.

Yes it is! So the number 1 rule for flank is be mobile. No time to stand like a sniper or hide behind a tank like a support.

Move about quick and kill any character that is alone or away from the pact. Pick one vulnerable enemy and attack from any angle but his face. Do this every time and all the time and nothing else.

You are a mindless character summoned upon the arena to kill, leave the battle to regen, and go back in for another kill. FLANK left. FLANK right. FLANK. FLANK. FLANK.


Never. Seriously do not enter the dark side. Once you pledge to the dark side, there is no coming back. This role is designed to quench the thirst of every assassin minded person.

The feel of the kills flowing through your score box is just the start. Once you become addicted to it you start posting your scores on the group page.

Before you know it, the life you once thought you had ceases to exist. You have been warned. And if thy warning has no value to your soul, then choose flank and let he hate flow through you.

Let the sound of killing spree, rampage, unstoppable, savage, godlike, immortal, and annihilation be music to your ears.

Triple, Quadra and Penta kills will be your daily dose of Play of the Game. May the force be with you and the odds ever in your favor.


If you are in any way frightened or affected with what I said above then by now you should know NOT TO CHOOSE FLANK.

But other reasons would include: if you are not used to the squishy type of characters, or have yet to master the maps and how each character can possibly deal damage, then you may want to delay your dreams of becoming the top assassin.

Do not rush what is meant for you. Take time to learn the game first before you decide to go flanking.

Well, I do hope someone actually learned something today and may the game see some improvements if it hasn’t already. My guide is aimed for the newbies but the veterans and pro are welcome to comment and add meaning to this if it doesn’t already.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Let me know if I should make some more guides or if should be my first and final guide. See you all in the Realm.

For casual and competitive gaming add me up -- nozylicious. I’m also open for any team composition just let me know if you’re looking for an ace player or bench warmer. I’m practically fit for both.

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