Palworld Guide: Map Level and Boss Order

Palworld features various maps and regions, with levels filled with corresponding mysterious Pal Bosses and biomes. Players can target these based on their current strength levels. Knowing the map levels in Palworld will help players avoid targeting a region with dangerous higher-level Pals.


For players below level 15, it is recommended to stay within a region with lower-level pals and a beginner zone for wood and stone gathering to expand.


Note that the number of pals that can be caught depends on the player’s current level. Here is a comprehensive guide to the Palworld map levels:

Map Levels
Eastern Wild IslandLevel 1-10
Forgotten IslandLevel 1-10
IceWind IslandLevel 1-10
Marsh IslandLevel 1-10
Sea Breeze ArchipelagoLevel 1-10
Windswept HillLevel 1-15
Bamboo GrovesLevel 10-20
Twilight DunesLevel 10-20
Moonless ShoreLevel 15-20
No. 1 Wildlife SanctuaryLevel 20-25
Frostbound MountainsLevel 20-30
Verdant BrookLevel 20-30
Mount ObsidianLevel 30-50
Astral MountainsLevel 35-50
No. 2 Wildlife SanctuaryLevel 40-45
No. 3 Wildlife SanctuaryLevel 40-45
Dessicated Desert
Level 40-50​

Before targeting any region, consider the potential dangers ahead of it instead of the rewards that can be obtained. It must also be done with extra caution and avoid combats that seem difficult to win.

Additionally, there are a bunch of isolated areas where rare pals can be caught, but it requires air transportation to be accessed, and pals are highly protected with legal protections. Players who will trespass may face lethal automated security patrols alert to any perceived poaching attempts.

Here is the in-order list of Palworld bosses and their weaknesses:

Boss 1: Zoe & Grizzbolt-Rayne Syndicate Tower.
  • Level 10/Weakness: Ground-type Pals.
Boss 2: Lily and Lyleen-Free Pal Alliance Tower.
  • Level 25/Weakness: Fire-type Pals.
Boss 3: Axel and Orserk-Eternal Pyre Tower.
  • Level 40/Weakness: Ice and Ground-type Pals.
Boss 4: Marcus & Faleris-PIDF Tower.
  • Level 45/Weakness: Water-type Pals.
Boss 5: Victor and Shadowbeak-PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower.
  • Level 50/Weakness: Dragon-type Pals
It is recommended to be at least level 45 before taking Marcus and Victor, as they are quite difficult to battle with compared to the rest of the previous bosses.