Palworld Roadmap: Bug fixes, PvP's, New Pals and Bosses, Steam and Xbox Crossplay, and More

Pocket Pair announced the roadmap for its popular survival game Palworld, revealing plans for the game after making waves while still on early access.


As per the roadmap, the developers are focusing on addressing critical issues and bugs, including the obnoxious black screens and missing features. But while working on it, they are improving the key configuration and base Pal AI and Pathing to be implemented as soon as possible in the early access.

Aside from bug fixes, they are also planning to add PvP (Player vs. Player), Raid Bosses, Pal Arena (PvP for Pals), Steam-Xbox Crossplay, Various Xbox Feature Improvements, Server Transfer and Migrations, Improvements to the Building System, New Islands, Bosses, and Technologies to the game this year.

While players may anticipate the upcoming two PvPs, Pocket Pair CEO Takuro Mizobe revealed they are having difficulties adding PvPs to the game.

“This is why, although it may be obvious, deciding whether or not to include PvP is the biggest fork in the road in development, as it changes your list of priorities entirely,” said Pocket Pair CEO Takuro Mizobe.

He added, “For example, in PvP games, fast travel is usually severely restricted, but I don’t think the average user nowadays would be able to tolerate an open-world game without fast travel. These kinds of things make it really difficult to combine PvP and PvE on the same map, and it wasn’t until I tried doing it that I realized, “Oh, so that’s why other games don’t do that.”

The two PvP's they are working on are a sort of combat where players throw out Pal balls and also shoot rivals on their server. The other one would also be in a combat form where players let their pals alone in an arena and battle it out against the other pal.

Additionally, new islands to explore, new pals to catch, bosses to battle, and technologies to discover are expected to be released in the official version of the game, while the developers are still receiving accusations of Palworld copying Pokemon.

While we are still unsure of the actual date, the roadmap means there will be a lot to expect this year with Palworld to keep the hype and popularity among its players.