Patch Notes for Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.28

Guild of Guardians
MLBB 2.0 is finally live! A lot of changes especially in the GUI side of the game has been implemented. Here is a complete list of what is new and changed on this patch!

Developer Comments: After this update, MLBB 2.0 is about to make its shining debut! It will scale new heights, in terms of quality, interactions and other features. (If the players have reached Lv.11 before the update, they will watch the animation of MLBB 2.0 when they enter the game for the first time.)

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes .

1. [Agile Tiger] - [Wanwan] Diamond 599, BP 32000, Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF. Available from November 26th. (Server Time).

Hero Specialty: A smart and agile girl with hidden weapons.

Skill 1 - [Swallow's Path]: Wanwan throws a Fire Swallow in a designated direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies along the path and triggering "Tiger Pace". For every several seconds, Wanwan restores a Swallow Dagger from the Fire Swallow, dealing Physical Damage to enemies in the path and slowing them down. The enemy hit by the Swallow Dagger twice will be stunned.

Skill 2 - [Needles in Flowers]: Wanwan removes all CC from herself immediately, triggers Tiger Pace and looes deadly needles to nearby enemies.

Ultimate - [Crossbow of Tang]: Wanwan activates her crossbow and shoots arrows to enemies. Each arrow deals Physical Damage. While the crossbow is activated, if Wanwan kills an enemy hero, she will switch to attacking another target, activate her crossbow for extra several more seconds, and increase her Attack Speed (capped at 3 times). When Wanwan takes back her crossbow or kills an enemy hero, "Tiger Pace" will be triggered. "Crossbow of Tang" can only be cast to enemies whose Weaknesses are all hit. The shooting of Crossbow of Tang will be regarded as Basic Attack. And the amount of the arrows she shoots scales with her Attack Speed.

Passive - [Tiger Pace]: Wanwan reveals the Weakness and the position of enemy Heroes hit by her weapons. She deals True Damage equal to the targets' Max HP when hitting their Weaknesses. If she hits all Weaknesses of the target, she will increase the damage dealt to the target. Wanwan can move a short distance when she throws a Sleeve Dart. The speed of this movement scales with the attack speed.

2. Revamped [Wings of Vengeance] - [Pharsa]

Developer Comments: We made further adjustments to Pharsa based on feedback and data analysis from players in the Advanced Server. We wanted to optimize her abilities to control enemies and clear lanes. The new skill will increase the depth of her gameplay.

Passive - [Spiritual Unity]: Every once in a while, Verri enters the Hunting State, during which Pharsa deals extra Magic Damage and slows enemies.

Skill 1 - [Curse of Crow]: Verri dashes to a target area, dealing Damage to enemies within the area of effect and marking them. When Pharsa hits a target with her other skills or Basic Attacks, the mark will stun the target and disappear.

Skill 2 - [Energy Impact]: Pharsa releases magic energy in the targeted direction, dealing Magic Damage to the enemies hit.

Ultimate - [Feathered Air Strike]: Pharsa files into mid-air and launches 4 rounds of air raids on the target for a period of time. Each round of air raid deals Magic Damage to enemies in the area. Her vision will be increased during the cast time.

Added New Skill - [Wings by Wings]: Pharsa becomes a mist around Verri, flying over terrain and increasing Movement Speed. She will exit this state immediately when controlled or launching Basic Attacks or using Skills.

II. Hero Adjustments


Wild Power: The extra percent-based damage dealt to the target decreased 1% at all levels.

Thunderclap: The Cooldown of this skill is increased 6s at all levels. Current HP Deduction decreased from 50% to 30%.

At the same time, the calculation of the damage dealt to Creeps is modified (some extra damage dealt will have the limit), so that Masha's enhanced Basic Attack can deal higher damage to Creeps when the Crit Chance is triggered.

Now when Masha uses the Equipment Items - Rose Gold Meteor and Queen's Wings, the Equipment Unique Passive will be triggered based on the total HP of 3 HP bars.

Fixed an issue where the enemies would not attack Masha first when she had more than 1 HP bar.


Shield of Spirit: Magic Attack Bonus increased from 80% to 120%.

Tortoise's Puissance: Magic Attack Bonus decreased from 50% to 30%.

Baxia-Shield Unity: The duration of the Stunning Effect when hitting the target decreased from 1s to 0.5s. The duration of the Stunning Effect when striking to the target will be still the same.


Burst Fireball: The damage of the fireball increased 10 at all levels. The burst damage increased 5 at all levels.

Vengeance Flame: Extra Damage Bonus adjusted from 25%/32.5%/40% to 30%/35%/40%.


Attack Wave: The Cooldown adjusted from 8/7.3/6.6/5.9/5.2/4.5s to 7/6.5/6/5.5/5/4.5s. Mana Cost decreased from 50 at all levels to 45 at all levels.


Frostmoon Shield: Fixed a bug where the movement speed of the hit enemy was wrong.

Starmoon Casket: The Magic Attack coefficient of damage dealt by Basic Attack decreased from 0.7 to 0.55.


Decreased Basic HP by 80.

Spell Curse: The damage bonus of Basic Damage decreased from 8% of the target's Max HP to 6% of the target's Max HP.


Power of Nature: Basic Damage adjusted from 340 + SkillLevelx60 to 240 + SkillLevelx60.


Reverse Time: Now this skill can remove all negative effects.


Rough Waves: Reduced the decay factor of damage that several waves hit the same target. Now the total damage of hitting the same target will be greatly increased.


Divine Judgment: Adjusted its Cooldown to 60s at all levels.


Mystic Gush: Basic Damage adjusted from 145+SkillLevel45 to140+SkillLevel60. Magic Bonus decreased from 0.6 to 0.5.


Sword Spike: The Slowing Effect triggered by each thrown dagger decreased from 10% to 6%.


Added visual effects when Lolita charges her Ultimate. Now it's possible to distinguish the Ultimate released by the Lolita in the enemy team.


Fixed an issue where Fanny used Tornado Strike to hit the enemies and the special effects would play for several times.


Fixed an issue where the Blood Demon showed incorrectly in mini map when Hanzo cast Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja.


Fixed an issue where the initial Mana was not 0. .


Last Insanity: Now this skill has built-in CD to help players deal enough damage.


Abyssal Traps: Now players can use Arrival on Abyssal Traps.


Optimized the display effects of her Ultimate - [Chaos].

Also we've optimized the special effects of the skills of these following heroes: Estes, Roger, Franco, Hayabusa, Johnson, Kagura, Yi Sun-shin and Vale.

We've optimized the skill animation of these following heroes: Zhask, Kadita, Chang'e and Vexana.

We've optimized the sound effects of the skills of these following heroes: Tigreal, Karina, Franco, Bruno, Clint, Rafaela, Minotaur, Gord, Kagura, Sun, Aurora, Lapu-Lapu. Karrie, Harley, Kaja, Aldous, Leomord and Minsitthar.

III. Battlefield Adjustments

1. Optimized the performance of the arrow indicator.
2. New 5V5 map - [Halloween Carnival] is unavailable.


Flameshot: Basic Damage adjusted from 350-490 to 400-560. The Cooldown decreased from 60s to 35s. Removed the effect that could knock back enemies at a close range.

Revitalize: The Max HP regenerating each time increased from 2.8% to 3.2% (decreased from 2.8% to 2% in Brawl Mode). HP Regen increased adjusted from 40% to 25%. The extra Regen Effect will only take effect for one time when several players use Revitalize at the same time.

Vengeance: Adjusted the damage to 80 + 30% damage received (No more than 500). Optimized the spell description.

Arrival: The extra Movement Speed decreased from 75% to 60%. The duration of Slowing Effect to enemies decreased from 1.5s to 1s. Fixed an issue where enemy heroes could not see the special effects of Arrival.

System Adjustments

1. S14 will officially end in the Advanced Server on Dec 10, 2019 at 23:59:59.

2. MVP of the losing team will get extra Protection Points in Rank.

3. Optimization of Draft Pick Mode in Rank:

A. Now players can show their teammates which hero they want to pick.

B. When players suggest the heroes they want to ban, a notification will be shown. The teammates can tap and ban the heroes directly.

C. Now players show their teammates which lane they want to go. They can adjust the lanes in BP.

4. Controls: Adjusted Target Lowest HP First (Percent) to Target Lowest HP First. When choosing this targeting method, players will attack the enemy units with the lowest HP.

5. Optimized the performance of Skill Demonstration and added non-mandatory tutorial when entering the hero display interface for the first time.
6. Players can tap on the free chest to view rewards.

7. Post Screen Optimization: Now players can check the history average score of the heroes they played.

8. AFK: Now the MVP of the losing team will not be judged as a negative player.

9. Skill Demonstration: Now players can see Damage Indicator and HP bar. Optimized the volume of skill sound effect.

10. Optimized the Server List and Simplified the process of switching accounts.

11. Added new Gifts: Paradise Island, Adorable Smilodon and Kagura's Seimei Umbrella.

12. Now players can check the amount of online friends in the Friend List.

13. Optimized the display effect of offline friends in Friend List.

14. Optimized the interface of Friends Recall Event and added the final rewards.