Patch Notes for PUBG Mobile 1.5 Beta: Anti Gravity Motorcycle, Hyperlines, and maybe Vikendi 2.0

The latest beta update for PUBG Mobile, version 1.5, was published a few days ago by the developers. The update adds a new game mode (TS Mode), a weapon (MG3 LMG), and other features such as throwable and consumable wheels and the Remaining Ammo Indicator to the game.


PUBG Mobile 1.5 beta update patch notes have been posted by Krafton, and they include a slew of new features, including new weapons and vehicles, among other things. The PUBG Mobile 1.5 beta update will allow beta testers to test the game's next features before it is released to the general public.

This version is available to registered players who have already enrolled for beta testing. They may test this version and its features, and if they find any flaws or flaws, they may report them to the game creators so that they may be fixed before the game's global release. For assisting developers in testing the upgrades, players will receive special in-game incentives.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 beta version Patch notes New Features:

Erangel Transit System
– This is the main attraction that is coming with this patch note. Erangel Transit System will work on Hyperlines which will help players to travel fast from one place to another place. A high-tech hyperline for trans-island travel.


Anti Gravity Motorcycle – Players will love to ride Anti Gravity Motorcycle which introduced in the 1.5 beta version. This high-tech motorcycle works on levitation tech which can hover above the water (low altitude) and ground.


Air Conveyor – Air Conveyor can be used to launch into the sky for long-range transfer and you can sudden strike on enemies by controlling the direction.


Binoculars – These Binoculars will help you to spot enemies in long-distance and mark them easily.

Protection and Patrol Robot– This is a Special robotic dog that can be found in some urban areas where you can use them to scan the entire urban area for high-quality combat supplies.

MG3 Light Machine Gun – This LMG comes with 7.62mm ammo where it comes with a unique firing mode. This light Machine Gun can fire up to 660 or 990 rounds per minute. This gun is only spawned in airdrops.


Victory Statue & Snaps – After claiming victory, you can place a statue to celebrate. Only MVP of the winning team can summon this Victory Statue anywhere. With the Victory Snaps feature you can choose to hide or display the teammate info in photo mode after winning classic mode.

Also, Vikendi might be coming back after months of redevelopment.

What’s new in Vikendi 2.0? Expected Updates:
  1. The Train Tracks and Moving Train.
  2. Most of The Snow is Being Removed.
  3. Expanded Dino Park.
  4. Also, new Parts also added in DinoLand.
  5. Added an Abby to Kreznic.
  6. changes in Movatra and Tovar
The icy map Vikendi was briefly removed from the game when the Karakin map was introduced in April. However, the developers have stated that Viekndi would return to the game after some map improvements. PUBG Mobile has now announced a redesigned version of the map, Viekndi 2.0, which will be included in the forthcoming PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update.

The devs just announced on their official PUBG Mobile Beta Discord that “Version 1.5 testing will begin shortly PUBGMOBILE VIKENDI.”Officials have shared a picture indicating that a whole new “Metro Royale” upgrade is in the pipeline. On the right, there's a laptop with the words "Vikendi 2.0" and the text "Ver. TBD."

The new map is most likely to be included in the forthcoming 1.5 Beta testing, which should begin in the second part of June or the early half of July. There is no official release date yet. The global version of PUBG Mobile 1.5 is also slated to be released in July. Players will be able to explore the all-new Vikendi 2.0 after installing the 1.5 updates, it appears.

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