Paul Death Fist Punish Guide


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Aug 15, 2018
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Yes, pinirata ko to sa Kor's. But it's bound to be common knowledge eventually anyway. I've tried asking if I could copy it but nobody even replies =3=

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Since you're not essentially able to punish with all punishers under 17f because of the pushback of death fist, some of these punishers will whiff and can result in a whiff punish. This is why we can't just hopkick to punish death fist on block.
  • Paul's Deathfist (qcf+2) = 57 dmg 15F, -17f on block ,KD
  • Wang's Deathfist (qcf+2) = 43 dmg 15F, -17f on block ,KD
Punishes against deathfist on block:
  • Alisa: f+1+2_b,f+2
  • Ancient Ogre: f+1+2
  • Anna: f+2+3
  • Armor King: f+1+4
  • Asuka: f+2_f+1+2
  • Bears: d/f+2,1
  • Bobs: u/f+1+2, 1+2
  • Bryan: f,f+2
  • Bruce: b+2_u/f+3+4_u/f+3
  • Capoeiras: d/f+3+4
  • Changs: f,f+1,4_d+1+2_f,f+3
  • Dragunov: f+1+2 into combo
  • Feng: d/b+1,2_b+1+2 for KND
  • Ganny: f,f+1+2_f+1+2
  • Hwoarang: b+3 _ u/f+3+4,4 _ d/f+4,3
  • Jacks: d/f+2_f+1+2
  • Jaycee: f,f+3_4~2,1_d+1+2
  • Jin: f+4
  • Jinpachi: d/f+2,1;
  • Jun: f+2;
  • King: b+3
  • Kuma/Panda: df2,1_f2,1 (both guaranteed)
  • Lars: u/f+3, f,b+2,1;
  • Lee: f+2,1 (short) b+1,1,2 and ff+1+2;
  • Leo: d+4, 2 and ff+2
  • Lili: 3,1_f+2,3
  • Kunimitsu: d/f+2_f+2,3 (mid); f,f+4 (long)
  • Marduk: d/f+1, u/f+1+2.
  • Miguel: d/f+2,1;
  • Mishimas: Dewgf; (_f+3+4 with Devil Jin)
  • Paul: DF, d+1+2;
  • Raven: 1+2; d+f+2
  • Steve: f,f+2, d/f+1+2
  • True Ogre: u/f+1+2, 1+2,
  • Violet:(same as lee) exclusive to violet: f,n,3,4 (JF,instant,short)
  • Wang: d/f+2,1 (inconsistant punish. F2,2 is more reliable and you have a guaranteed DF3 after F2,2.)
  • Yoshimitsu: b+2,2 (short/mid); CD+1 (mid/long, JF)
  • Zafina: d/f+2;