PBA player Jared Dillinger will be joining an upcoming MLBB event

Guild of Guardians
Popular PBA player Jared Dillinger announces that he will be competing in a MLBB esports tournament this coming February.

jared dilinger.jpg

Jared Dillinger is the small forward/guard of the Basketball team Barangay Ginebra San Miguel. However, the pro player did not mention what esports event he will be competing in but hints suggest that he may be competing in a tournament hosted by Dark League Studios. Previously, it has already been revealed that there will be a tournament wherein both PBA celebrities and MLBB talents will be featured.

He announced his venture into the esports scene of MLBB through his official Twitter account. He also mentioned in his tweet one of the most iconic video game streamers and influencers, Hershel "Dr. Disrespect" Beahm IV, as he is a big fan of the streamer.

Even though Dilinger did not reveal which MLBB esports tournament he will be competing in, the huge giveaway of the possible event he will compete in is the “#darkleague” that he used in his tweet.

“#darkleague” is a hashtag for Dark League Studio, an esports organization that partnered with PBA to host the “Esports Bakbakan” event where numerous iconic PBA players and MLBB celebrities will represent each of the 12 teams in the upcoming event.