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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PocketRogues, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. PocketRogues

    PocketRogues Casual Gamer

    Hello, everyone. Our new game has been released and we need a little feedback:)
    WARED - a unique strategy game with interesting story and missions


    What can be easier than claiming victory via strategic thought and planning?
    With enough army, victory is assured. But your country's military might is low and without the right strategy and careful planning impossible. Army upkeep is high, and in a stroke of luck, a mysterious person has offered to pay the price in exchange for a small favor. You assume the role of a general of a small country. As the general, you will have to make hard decisions to claim your victory over the enemy and fulfill your mysterious patron's favor.

    In the game you will find:

    - A unique approach to strategic thinking
    - Campaign with cutscenes
    - Unique missions that require preliminary thinking
    - Tower Defense style mini-game
    - Hotseat PVP supporting 2 players on a chessboard-style battlefield

    Planned content:

    - 20 unique buildings and units - open in process of passing company
    - Multiplayer over internet/steam
    - More campaign missions
    - Territory conquest and clan wars

  2. Justify

    Justify Newbie Gamer

    How is it? I think this interesting.

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