Pearl Abyss Teases Third Monster Zone in Black Desert's Ulukita

Pearl Abyss announced today that the third monster zone in Black Desert's desert region "UIukita" will arrive soon along with improvements in the popular PvP content "Arena of Solare." Meanwhile, Adventurers can enjoy events packed with valuable rewards starting today.

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Coming next week, a new monster zone "Darkseekers' Retreat" located in the southern region of Ulukita will be available and is recommended for veterans with over 730 gear score.

The story revolves around the young Prince Bareeds III of Mediah, who has been living in unfortunate circumstances for a long time. The main questline is fully voice-acted and features illustration-style cutscenes, allowing Adventurers to completely immerse themselves into the story.

At the "Darkseekers' Retreat," Adventurers can obtain the necessary materials for making "Ator's Shoes," which is the last of the highest-grade gear in Black Desert. Ator's Shoes is selectable between two unique options from either damage reduction or evasion.

Black Desert's most beloved PvP content "Arena of Solare" is also expecting new features and accessibility improvements in the upcoming weeks. A full-time practice mode will be available on Nov 29, and a new invite-only "Custom Mode" which enables Adventurers to set up their own teams will be added during the first week of December.

In continuation of the pre-Calpheon Ball event, Adventurers can obtain and collect "Rocks of Abundance" from defeating monsters, gathering, and fishing. Based on the cumulative number of Rocks of Abundance obtained across all regions, Adventurers will be rewarded with valuable items such as Shakatu's Splendid Box, 500 Cron Stones, and Exciting Adventure Outfit Box.

Moreover, until Dec 6, Adventurers will randomly encounter wild Turkeys when defeating monsters. Upon defeating these Turkeys, Adventurers can earn the Blessing of Abundance buff that increases 200% Combat EXP, 50% Skill EXP, 20% Item Drop Rate for 30 minutes, and loot Turkey Feathers which can be exchanged for Dream Horse awakening materials.

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