Perfect Cute Style Idle RPG! Moe Girl Go! CBT starts on 4th Jan

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Perfect interpretation of cute idle game! Moe Girl Go! CBT starts on 4th Jan.

In 2021, the first cute idle RPG mobile game MoeGirl Go! announced that it will start the limited Android CB test from January 4th. Players can go to Google Play to download the game. The test is a pay close beta test. During the test period, players can get ten consecutive draws every day when they are online, and powerful UR heroes will be provided for free. Since the iOS channel is not open for this test, iOS users can first participate in the official pre-registration to receive rewards and wait for the subsequent official launch. More detailed information about this CB test can be found through the official FB fan-page.

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Log in to get super rewards

During the CB test of MoeGirl Go!, the development team has prepared a large number of welfare activities for players. Players can get ten consecutive draws when they are online. As long as they log in to the game continuously, they can also get powerful UR heroes and rare fantasy brave exvius eggs! In addition, from the "Daily Package" and "Sign-in Gift" events, players can receive a large amount of gold coins. Players can obtain a variety of resources from the "Bonus for Recharging Levels" activity. The "Package for Mission Accomplished" will provide a large number of diamonds. Even if you don’t recharge any money, you can also enjoy playing the game.

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High Rebate for Testers

This CB test not only has rich test welfares, in order to repay the enthusiasm of the players, players who recharged in this test will have a return of 200% diamonds of the amount recharged during the open test. After the amount reaches the corresponding number, the corresponding bonus will be unlocked. Please refer to the recharge and return instructions issued by the official fan club for specific return rules and reward contents.

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Cute Style Idle RPG Filled with Lovely Girls

MoeGirl Go!》is an idle mobile RPG in cute style of new generation, in which all the well-known historical heroes will turn into brand-new female figures. Their cute cartoon appearances and gorgeous skills will bring you an amazing cute style visual feast. Besides hero companions, you can also raise your own pets in game. Although they have lovely looks, their battle power is formidable! What’s more, the game bosses are even cute girls, which will make you totally enjoy your adventure in a relaxing atmosphere.

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All the cute girls have already rallied, waiting for you to save the world together. Join us in 《MoeGirl Go!》CBT on 4th Jan! Please know more about the CBT from the official Facebook fan page. [Tap to visit]

About MoeGirl Go!

MoeGirl Go! is an idle mobile cute style RPG popular in Asia. The story begins in a fantasy world of sword and magic and you're the summoner who can summon historical heroes changing into cute girls to fight along your side to save the world! The gameplay focuses on idle incomes and auto fight, which can free your hands. You'll have an experience totally different from the card game and traditional RPG! Log in every day to get Draw x10 rewards, UR heroes, and tons of resources for free!

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