Perfect World Cleric Guide

Guild of Guardians


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Jul 7, 2019
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The advanced guide to cleric

1. Sage/Demon Decision
Sage: The only viable option. The only class that can heal teammates. It's an irreplaceable class in a group.
Demon: Not recommended.

2. How to play a Cleric
As a Sage Cleric, your top priority on the battlefield is to survive as long as possible. Then your next target is to heal your teammates effectively as much as possible. Only those who can do both at the same time are qualified Clerics.
  • 1st Principle: Survivability! Tenacity + Benevolence + Crit Resistance and Crit Damage Resistance. Your goal is to survive any 1 on 1 situation!
  • 2nd Principle: Crit! Increase healing! Counter the dampening of healing.
3. Stats:

2 Attack 1 Viciousness, 1 Attack 2 Crit (Crit is a must-have), 1 HP 1 Tenacity 1 Benevolence (Evasion is optional for high-rank Soulstone set).

Sacred Books

  • Low-rank: Endless Waves, Rouge and Red Lips, South of the River, Sunset Tales, Turning the Tide
  • High-rank: Turning the Tide, Lv.5 Rouge and Red Lips (Moonshot when above 40% Crit), Endless Waves, Lv.5 Parting Grief (consider Tears of Red in Realm War based on composition), Dreamer.
  • Pure Healing 5 Pieces: Crit + Crit Damage (priority), Max Attack, Min Attack
  • Balanced 4 Pieces: Physical Crit Resistance (priority), Magic Crit Resistance
  • 5-piece for Pure Survivability: Physical Crit Resistance (priority), Magic Crit Resistance, Tenacity, Benevolence.
Master Map
Choose the new Master Map set that has Aike as its bond. Crit and Crit damage are important. Use Hillbreaker as the main card!

Jade Zither. Level up Hypnotize to 20 or above in Guild Training.