Perfect World Guide to Hidden Quests in Archosaur City


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Jul 7, 2019
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A series of new hidden quests have been added to the game. And the rewards include Chi Flasks, Element Orbs, Rare Titles, and Oracle Stats. This guide will focus on the hidden quest in Archosaur City.

Quest 1: Stargaze
  • After 9:00 PM,
  • head to North of Archosaur City
  • and help Sir Zhuge.
  • Light up the soul lamps
  • to receive a reward from Sir Zhuge.

Quest 2: Mystic Fragrance
  • There's a Fragrance of Wine in General's Mansion,
  • track down the mysterious Fragrance of Wine
  • to start the hidden quest.

Quest 3: The Detective
  • Find Bolt Celenza and joins his team.
  • Solve the mysterious case.
  • And claim your Outfit Shardas the reward!
  • If Bolt Celenza doesn't want to talk to you,
  • try to interact with him.

Quest 4: Breaking News
  • Listen to the drunk soldier
  • and draw your own conclusion to his words.
  • The soldier can be found near the guardian lions.
  • If the quest is not triggered automatically,
  • try to interact with the soldier.

Quest 5: Watery Grave
  • Together, let's witness
  • the love story of Joaquin and Ledger.
  • Start the quest underwater near the sculpture.

Quest 6: Sodden Treasure
  • In the northeast corner of Archosaur City
  • hides a mysterious chest.
  • Those who can open it
  • will receive Aerogear Shards!
  • However, that's not an easy task.
  • You must have a handy tool to open it.

Quest 7: Occurrence
  • In South of Archosaur City,
  • someone's stealing in broad daylight!
  • Go teach that thief a lesson
  • and claim your reward.
  • Tip: Search the high grounds.

Quest 8: Prophet
  • Meditation is an excellent way to regain strength.
  • Meanwhile, it could also earn you some Aerogear Shards.
  • Ask Brilliant Sage for more info.