Perfect World Hidden Quests Guide in City of the Lost


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Jul 7, 2019
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This guide will focus on the hidden quest in City of the Lost.

Quest 1: Haughty Youth
  • Near the edge of the City of the Lost,
  • there's a stubborn boy.

Prepare some delicious food and go visit him.

Quest 2: Lostguard
  • Near the City of the Lost,
  • there are many wondering Lil Man-eaters and Soft Prickles.
  • Be a helpful Seeker
  • and clear those monsters!

Quest 3: Start a Fight
  • Outside the City of the Lost,
  • there's a Mad Barbarian
  • who's starting fights with passersby
  • and has hurt many innocent people.
  • Go and teach him a lesson.
  • If you can't find him,
  • come back later at a different time.

Quest 4: Mirror of Faith
  • The Motherland is the sacred ground of the Untamed in the City of the Lost.
  • Go gather Power of Faith
  • at the high grounds nearby.
  • Quest 5: My Jam
  • Untamed Seekers
  • can go dance with Cyril
  • to get the title, My Jam.