Perfect World Mobile Brings Brand New Expansion and New Assassin Class For Untamed Race

The oriental fantasy MMORPG Perfect World Mobile has recently launched new content to their already massive game as they strive to continue the legacy of their 13-year-old IP that begins its journey as one of the most popular PC games around Asia.

The newest expansion introduces the Assassin class under the race of the Untamed. Assassins are your black-clad melee DPS experts that can dish out huge damage in a short period of time with their blinding fast attacks. They are also gifted with stealth skills that make them an essential member of your party during PVE and Boss Hunt and a nightmarish enemy on PVP.

New places and dungeons are also open with the arrival of the new expansion. This includes the underground realm of the Molten Core that brings another challenge to players who wanted to conquer this area by defeating the new boss called Demon Head that will surely test your party's skill to take it down. Another new event that has been added is the ghostly Black Kraken ship where players will take board and fight hordes upon hordes of demons from the sea and try their best to snatch the much-coveted Black Stone before the ship sinks in.

In addition to this, players can further unleash the potential of their character by collecting and upgrading artifacts to bring their potential to the next level plus, more rewards are coming their way if they manage to overcome the new Path of Five: Elemental Lord game mode.

Perfect World Mobile was launched last year in different areas around Asia and since then it continues to provide the nostalgic vibe of its PC predecessor while at the same time add more unique flavors into the gameplay with its eye-popping graphics, the flight system where you can explore their 60,000 kilometer continents while engaging in a variety of combat in the air or in the land.

Although the SEA version is not yet launched, one can still play Perfect World Mobile even the game is not available in their country. No need for a VPN or any other fancy mechanics. All you need is to follow the steps below to enjoy the eastern fantasy world of Perfect World Mobile:

• Go to "Apkpure" site in your browser and download its app.

• Then search on it site the APKX version of Perfect World Mobile and download it on your phone. It might take some time because its current size is 2.4 GB.

• After downloading, go to the Apkpure app and go the tabs that will let you manage the installed app.

• Once you find Perfect World Mobile, click install and it will automatically install all the necessary OBB files on your phone.

• After installation, you can now launch Perfect World Mobile. Please take note that with the new expansion, the game will require 6GB free of space to successfully install it. Also, turn off your Play Protect features at Google Play so that it will not block the Perfect World Mobile on your phone.


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