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Jul 7, 2019
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Perfect World: Fulfill your ultimate Xianxia fantasy! An Oriental-inspired art style and a Spirit based skill enhancement system. Immerse yourself in the balance of Yin and Yang and meditate with the flow of the five elements.

In Perfect World, players can freely explore the vast sky, land, and sea. With a single tap on the screen, the whole world is within reach as you fly on your sword - be it the divine City of the Plume, the majestic Archosaur City, or the traditionally captivating Etherblade.

In addition, the three main races and diverse NPC variations bring the players closer to the mystic and magical setting of Xianxia world that consists of "gods, immortals, humans, demons, devils, and ghosts".

The game design is largely influenced by the ideas of Taoism, as the players continuously collect "Spirit" to enhance their skills and restore their physical strength through meditation. Various events such as Order of the Elements, Exorcists' Trial and Monster Massacre let the players appreciate the charm of Chinese Xianxia culture whilst providing thrilling PvP and PvE gameplay.

Perfect World Mobile's pre-register is finally launched today. Fans of Perfect World can pre-register for the new installment of Perfect World Mobile by visiting the official site here

or on the Google Play store here

The pre-registered player will receive a rare outfit on the first created character. Perfect World Mobile will be giving out tiered pre-registration rewards including in-game currency, dye packs, equipment socket bonuses, a rare mount, and an open beta exclusive title. The more pre-registration sign-ups, the more rewards for everyone.

Still fascinated about our previous overall introduction?Have you digested the complicated message of "Xian Xia" ?
Anyway, today we're bringing you this mysterious character in the shadow. Guess who is he?

A full moon hung in the sky, cherry blossoms are falling slowly, what a scene! With a pair of graceful wings as thin as cicada, her shadow is that mysterious in front of the moon...Who is this hero?

Round arch gates in the dusk, scorched earth are burning, Who is this hero in the shadow born with a mysterious animal head, wearing armor and carrying a fearsome axe?

He comes from distant mountains in a misty wonderland, rocking with metal armor, and carrying this long halberd. Who is this hero with long hair?

Pink trees are shaking around, lake glowed with fluorescent blue and the ground is full of romantic dandelions...What a dreamlike scene! Who is this curvy lady with such long hair standing in front of this big full moon?

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