Perfect World Mobile Hidden Quests Guide in City of the Plume


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Jul 7, 2019
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This guide will focus on the hidden quest in City of the Plume.

Quest 1: Flaming Falcon
  • Near the Luna bridge,
  • people often see a Flaming Falcon.
  • Its flame-like feathers do stand out at night.
  • Is the Flaming Falcon
  • a symbol of fortune or disaster?

Quest 2: City of the Plume's Guardian
  • The Man-eater Saplings and Snouted Cubs
  • often attack citizens of the City of the Plume.
  • Enthusiastic Seekers,
  • be a friendly neighbor, and help them out!

Quest 3: Love at First Sight
  • Word on the street is that the Guide is having affairs with 3 dudes at a time.
  • Find out what is actually going on.
  • What would be the real story behind all of this?
  • Could it be related to the Fox Spirit?
  • Get ready to reveal the truth!

Quest 4: Footloose
  • There's a girl
  • dancing near the fountain.
  • Winged Elf Seekers can try to interact with her.
  • Something interesting might happen.

Quest 5: Goddess Fountain
  • The Goddess Fountain has been dry for a long time.
  • Find out the reason behind it,
  • and bring the fountain back to life.
  • If you don't see Tony anywhere,
  • try to switch your channel.

Quest 6: Wandering Poet Sage
  • On top of the waterfall,
  • Li Po is waiting for you.
  • Go and recite poems with him.

Quest 7: Maitreya
  • Maitreya in Lake Plume
  • has prepared a trial for you.
  • Those who need Blessing Stones
  • may go and talk with him.
  • Before you start the trial,
  • make sure you have enough HP Potions.

Quest 8: Wave Cleaver
  • After completing Maitreya's trial,
  • if you look around,
  • you will see a powerful monster, Wave Cleaver.
  • Invite some friends
  • and challenge the monster together!