Perfect World Mobile Requirements


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Jul 7, 2019
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Since we saw you ask a lot about phone specification requirements. Let check the below the minimum phone specification to download and run the Perfect World VGN Mobile.

For Apple Devices:
  • iOS 8 and above
  • Apple A7 chip and above
  • ROM free space at least 6G free (of total).
  • The total package on App Store is: 3.7GB
  • The game will be downloaded in Apple Store
  • Link download:
The iPad line will run smoothly Perfect World VNG will have to be from iPad Mini 4 and above, including iPad Gen 5, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 9.7 inches.

For Android Devices:


Known for its stunning environments, unique flight system, and rich character customization, Perfect World has enthralled fans for over a decade. Perfect World Mobile has already found success with its recent launch in China reaching the number one spot on the iOS free-to-play list within a few hours of its launch, and reached over 2.6 million downloads within the first 12 hours of its release and has since been recommended on the App Store.

Perfect World Mobile brings the original game’s innovative flight system which is seamlessly integrated with to the three-dimensional panoramic map allowing players to explore the massive 60,000 square kilometer continent. Players will be able to engage in epic battles across the vast continent whether they choose to engage in combat by air, on land or in the oceans. Much like the original, players will be able to join guilds and engage in intense guild conflicts.

Gather your friends and raise an adventure in the iconic seamless world that has been overhauled to reach an unprecedented fidelity. The bonds between you and your fellow challengers have never been so strong thanks to improved mentoring, marriage, guild and party systems. It's about time to unite and fight for glory in this brand new world forged with next-gen graphics. The vast skies, the endless lands and the mysterious oceans are all yours to explore. Find your Perfect World here!

Game Features

Reforging of a 12-YO Classic IP
Inheriting the legacy of a 12-year classic, Perfect World Mobile carries on the passions of the original, restoring the classic settings and class choices to bring you the most authentic PW experience. The Human, the Winged Elf and the Untamed has made their return to the Perfect Continent!

Next-gen Graphics & Seamless World
Movie-level graphic quality incorporating realistic light and shadow effects guarantee the most immersive season and weather experience. A massive panoramic world where the three major cities are at their best and most gorgeous!

Every Flight is a New Adventure
The Perfect Continent spans over 60,000 square kilometers, while the panoramic three-dimensional map seamlessly connects and integrates the unique flight system from the original game. Let's fly the Perfect sky!

Thrilling and Diverse Battles
Perfect balance and cooperation between multiple classes, each having its distinct characteristics. Bring your combat to the air, the land and the oceans as you wish. Wage wars in massive multiplayer dungeons and claim your glory in epic guild conflicts.