Perfect World Pneuma Guide


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Jul 7, 2019
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1. Pneuma Usage and Types

Pneuma Usage

Once you use a Monster Map to summon the Pneuma it contains, you'll gain the corresponding Pneuma stats. Different Pneumas grant different stats. Pneumas with a higher star and individual levels grant higher stats. A-Grade Pneumas and above have a Leading Skill, which makes their owner stronger.

Pneuma Types
Based on rarity, Pneumas have 4 types: S, A, B, and C. Rarer Pneumas grant better stats.

Rarity Pneuma
  • S Hydra, Twilight Lord, Grimemouth, Soth
  • A Neoma, King of Purgatory, Behemoth, Zuri
  • B Pangu, Euphoria, Ivan, Hirund
  • C Shark Minion, Snowfox, McKenna, Flamedancer, Voiceless Bird, Shadowmaster

2. Pneuma Deployment & Bond

Pneuma Formation
In your Pneuma Formation, there are 1 leading slot and 4 support slots. Once a Pneuma with a Leading Skill gets deployed to the leading slot, the corresponding Leading Skill will be activated.

Pneuma Bond

Each Pneuma has a corresponding bond with another Pneuma. When Pneumas sharing a bond get deployed at the same time, their bond will be activated. Open the Monster Map interface, then tap on a Pneuma to check its bond’s effects and bonuses.

3. Upgrading & Evolving Pneumas

Upgrading Pneumas

Upgrade your Pneumas to further boost their stats. Spend Soul Gems of different levels to increase Pneuma EXP and upgrade Pneuma to up to Lv.60.

Evolving Pneumas
  • Another way to increase your Pneumas' stats is by increasing their star level. Evolving a Pneuma consumes Pneuma Shards. Leading Skills will be enhanced once your Pneumas have been evolved.
  • C-Grade Pneumas can reach a 3-star rating while the other Pneumas can reach a 6-star rating.
Soul Gem Conversion
If a Pneuma has reached its max star level, you'll get Soul Gems or Souldust by using its shards.

In detail, for max-star Pneumas that are B-Grade or above, you'll get Souldust, which can be exchanged for other Pneuma Shards in the Souldust Store. For max-star Pneumas that are C-Grade, you'll get Soul Gems I, which can be used to upgrade Pneumas.

Collection Stats
On this interface, you can check the detailed stat bonuses from your Pneumas. The values you can see belonging to each type of stat are the sums of the bonuses from all your Pneumas.

4. How do you acquire Pneumas?

Last but not least, you can acquire Pneumas in the following ways:
(1) Earn Monster Maps from Cultivation Dungeons and various events, then use the Monster Maps earned to acquire Pneumas.
(2) Collect 50 Pneuma Shards to summon a 1-Star Pneuma. Pneuma Shards are obtained from Cultivation Dungeons and the
Souldust Store.
(3) Exchange 25 Realm Shards for Pneuma: Hydra.
(4) Acquire Pneuma: Grimemouth by challenging Group Dungeons (24 players) or from the auction.
(5) Some Pneumas can be purchased under Mall > Timed Offer.