Perfect World VNG Complete Guide to Moonfall Battleground


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Jul 7, 2019
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Moonfall Battleground, the newest challenge dungeon for Perfect World Mobile, is falling hard with the latest update. Here’s a guide to its features.
Dungeon Info & Party Composition

For this dungeon, there are three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard, which require different levels of BR, but the strategy for success is more or less the same.

1. Dungeon Info
Players can challenge Moonfall Battleground once they've reach Ascended 1 Lv.59 on the Path to Cultivation. The bosses you'll encounter in the three stages of this dungeon are the Hydra, Seeker Challengers, and Fox Elders. Once you've cleared this dungeon, you'll have a chance of getting legendary materials for Ascended 1 Lv.59 and Lv.119, Firefins, Nine Tails Shards, and other awesome rewards.

2. Party Composition
You need an effective party composition to clear this dungeon. Recommended Party Composition: 1 Tank (Barbarian) + 4 DPS (Wizard, Blademaster, Archer, or Vulpine) + 1 Support (Cleric)
Once you've formed a party, you can enter the dungeon and challenge the bosses.


The first boss you'll encounter is the Hydra. The boss’ skills, as well as how you should fight this boss, are listed below.

1. Storm Façade
The Hydra summons a Volt Demon who deals lightning damage to targets nearby and drops Voltshot Essence upon death.
When fighting this boss, have the Barbarian draw the Hydra's attention while a more agile member of the party (e.g., Blademaster) draws the Volt Demon's attention so that the team’s damage dealers can concentrate their firepower and kill it quickly.
Don't forget to collect Voltshot Essence after killing the Volt Demon. Besides dealing damage to surrounding targets, Voltshot Essence will have another use later.

2. Deathcall
The Hydra dashes toward a target and roots it, dealing high damage to the target over time and low damage to all the other players.
If a player gets killed by Deathcall, a powerful Wraith Mob will be generated at their place of death.
Voltshot Essence can be used to interrupt Hydra's Deathcall so that the rooted members can move again. The Cleric must heal allies quickly and prevent them from being killed.

3. Corruption
The Hydra inflicts erosive effects on its targets, generating erosive pools under their feet randomly. The pools deal damage to the targets within its radius.

Players must keep in mind these two key details:
(1) The Cleric must continuously heal members within erosive pools so that they don't die.
(2) Other members must stay away from erosive pools to avoid damage.

4. Spectral Ray
The Hydra channels powerful energy and launches Spectral Ray forward, dealing damage to targets in its path and petrifying them. Hydra will turn slowly while channeling this beam.

Make sure that you stay clear of the Spectral Ray's path.
We recommend attacking the Hydra while on the move when Spectral Ray is being cast. Keep in mind—the closer you are to Hydra, the shorter the distance you have to move in order to dodge the Spectral Ray.

If the battle drags on for too long, the Hydra will rampage, dealing greatly increased damage so it is best that you slay her with due haste.
After taking out the Hydra, you'll enter the second stage of this dungeon.

Seeker Challenges

During this section, your party will have to deal with a group of Seeker Challengers, which consist of six classes (Wizard, Barbarian, etc.)
Defeating the Seeker Challengers shouldn’t be too hard. The order that you kill them in is key. The enemy Cleric, for example, heals other Seeker Challengers, so make sure you kill the Cleric first. Next, kill HP-low DPS-high enemies such as Wizard and Archer, and save Blademaster and Barbarian, who have high HP, for last.

During the battle, your Barbarian should draw away the enemy frontline while your Cleric focuses on healing. Other members need to attack the enemy healer and DPS. Lastly, kill their vanguard, such as the Barbarian.

In this section of the dungeon, you'll face the Fox Elders. Defeat the elders and claim grand rewards.

Fox Elders

There are two Fox Elders: the Flaming Tails Elder and the Snowfox Elder. They don't move on the map and have the following skills:

1. Fire Bomb & Little Snowman
Fire Bomb: Flaming Tails Elder summons a Fire Bomb that explodes after a period, dealing high damage to all players. Players can pick the bomb up and carry it to the snow pile to defuse it.
Little Snowman: Snowfox Elder summons Little Snowmen to attack targets nearby. Each Little Snowman will create a pile of snow upon death.
Kill the Little Snowmen as quickly as possible when Flaming Tails Elder summons the Fire Bomb. In addition, designate a member to pick up the bomb and carry it to the snow pile to defuse it.

2. Witchcraft & Little Fox Demon
Flaming Tails Elder teleports all players to a fixed location and turns them into rabbits. The Witchcraft will be removed when the rabbits get close to the carrot on the map.
Meanwhile, Snowfox Elder will summon multiple Snowfox Pups to chase the players. Be warned: they can kill rabbits instantly.
Therefore, if any member has been turned into a rabbit, get to the carrot.

3. Lava Ball & Ice Ball
Flaming Tails Elder and Snowfox Elder summon a Lava Ball and an Ice Ball, respectively. The Lava Ball and Ice Ball automatically chase players, dealing high damage and knockback. Make sure that you dodge them. When the Lava Ball and Ice Ball collide, they'll both break. Make good use of this. Try and draw the two balls to collide in order to clear the dungeon quickly.