Perfect World Wizard Guide


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Jul 7, 2019
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The advanced guide to wizard

1. Class Role

  • PvP: AoE DPS + Crowd Control. Strong in group fights and weak in 1 on 1 situations.
  • PvE: Powerful AoE Burst Damage. Trash Mob Killer.

2. Sage/Demon Decision


  • At Lv.99, Heart Sutra grants extra Crit.
  • Hill's Seize has a very short cooldown when hitting multiple enemies.
  • A variety of AoE skills. Good at burst AoE damage.
  • - Long casting-time.
  • - Low attack speed. Relies on Sacred Books and Master Map to make up for it.
  • Good at crowd control.
  • Heart Sutra allows you to chain multiple instant skills.
  • The rare skill at Lv.79 is equal to the 3rd core skill of Black Tortoise, providing excellent survivability.
  • Long skill cooldowns.
  • Mediocre damage. Mostly support/crowd control.
3. Equipment

  • 3 versions (The 1st Soulstone is fixed. You may choose the 2nd and 3rd as you want):
  • Low-rank: 4 Attack, 8 Crit, all Viciousness, all Tenacity, all Benevolence.
  • Mid-rank: all Pugnacity, 8 all Crit, 5 Viciousness, all Tenacity, all Benevolence.
  • High-rank: 3 Pugnacity 2 Attack, 8 all Crit, 1 Viciousness 4 Hit (or all Hit), all Tenacity, 6 all Evasion.

Sacred Books
  • Low-rank: Lv.6 The Creator, Lv.5 Rouge and Red Lips, Lv.4 Battle Tactics (Tears of Red in Realm War), Lv.4 Appetites of Spring, Lv3. Sunset Tales
  • Mid-rank: Lv.6 The Creator, Lv.6 Existential Woe, Lv.6 Tears of Red, Lv.5 Rouge and Red Lips, Lv.4 Appetites of Spring
  • High-rank: Lv.6 Moonshot, Lv.6 The Creator, Lv.6 Existential Woe, Lv.6 Tears of Red, Lv.4 Appetites of Spring
Tip: Before reaching 50% Crit, Rouge and Red Lips is stronger than Moonshot. Only replace Rouge and Red Lips with Moonshot when you have 50% plus Crit.

Master Map
Main Pneuma: Hydra
Support Pneumas: Highly recommend the Master Map Set: Earthshaker, Aike, Zephyr, and Hillbreaker, which provide a great dps boost.

  • Insight Mirror: Provides healing dampening.
  • Chaos Bell: The most versatile option.
  • Use Purgatower as the progression artifact when you are upgrading any better artifacts.