Personalized your in-game avatar in Roblox through the new facial capture feature introduced

As Roblox has a feature of making animated heads, players can choose from a variety of animated faces to apply in their in-game avatars. Using the preset animated heads present, players will not only apply these animated faces in their in-game avatars but they will also add personality, charisma, and individuality to their virtual characters.


To take character customization into a whole new level, Roblox adds a new feature into the Studio that has been long-awaited now by players, which is the facial capture feature for animated heads. Through this new feature, creators can make it personalized as they are able to add custom face animations to their avatars or develop new ones that can be added to the existing animated expressions library.

Through the new feature, players can just use a simple camera to capture their face, which can be used to animate their avatar faces. To do that, you have to make sure first that the device you are using to play Roblox has a camera and the Roblox Studio app. Once confirmed that the device has it all, just follow these steps:
  1. Launch Roblox on your PC or Mobile device.
  2. Log in to your account and head over to your Privacy settings.
  3. Scroll down to the newly added Microphone and Camera Input options.
  4. Toggle both of them On.
  5. Head over to the Roblox HQ experience to try this feature out.
  6. And you’re all set up.


Players can also create real-time facial animations in avatar chat to communicate with other users. Camera use can be enabled as well by creators by toggling the “Enable Camera” option in the Game Settings menu in the Studio.