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    There is a quiet, almost imperceptible genius to PES 2016 that will leave players struggling to explain exactly why they have fallen in love with it.

    This finely crafted soccer sim will be lauded by fans who, almost certainly, will base their judgements around the word "feel". As in, doing almost everything in PES 2016 feels fantastic, from fearless and desperate sliding tackles, to holding up the ball under pressure, to the heavenly wave of pride that comes with outthinking and turning a defender.


    Such ethereal joys make PES 2016 wonderful in ways that its peers and predecessors are not. How developer PES Productions has delivered on this, however, is tricky to discern. Great design is transparent, goes the saying, and 2016's triumph does not come from a standout feature that can be snappily summarised on the back of the box. It's not your old smartphone but now with a fingerprint scanner. It's not Malibu Stacy with a new hat.


    How these are animated is exceptional. You'd still know you were watching Robben even if he was wearing a wig. How he runs, twists, and curls his left leg when shooting is all faithfully recreated. Konami claims that PES 2016 amasses three times the volume of animations than its predecessor; a bold statement that invites cynicism, but a believable one nevertheless.


    It's a shame, then, that the graphical fidelity does not quite match the standards set by the animations. Much of PES 2016 was built with the Fox Engine, and aside from how intriguing it is to see how Balotelli would look in Metal Gear Solid 5, sometimes the character models resemble animated cadavers when cast in unflattering light. They also can't smile properly, which results in unintentionally hilarious contract signing cut-scenes.

    source via gamespot

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