PESO has also suspended involved players in the MDL match fixing incident for three years

Even after the MDL Philippines have already penalized the players involved in the recent alleged match fixing incidents, the Philippine Esports Organization (PESO) has given their own penalties towards these offenders.
While the MDL Philippines have suspended TNC Z4's Jiee, and RSG El Ganador's Nyija and Aeris rom MOONTON related events for three years starting May 2, 2024 until April 30, 2027, PESO have also given the same punishment in line with MDL’s decision.

PESO’s punishment towards the three was to showcase their stance against these unwanted incidents. Because of that, the players were also suspended from PESO-sanctioned events, such as SIBOL tryouts and the like.

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In case you didn’t know why MOONTON has imposed a three year ban on the players, Matthew Chan, the Esports League Operations Lead of MOONTON Games revealed the reasons for their decision during a press conference.

"This if you look at the history of all the other MPLs or any MOONTON related incident, this is the harshest already," he started. "The reason why we put three years is because we want to showcase a specific timeline."

As to why a specific timeline was chosen, he stated: "If indefinite, we can put it after a year and remove it, or anything of the like. How we came to this conclusion is that number one, it is in the eyes of MOONTON, this is one of the harshest already."

Marlon Marcelo, the Executive Director of the Philippine Esports Organization also explained why they chose to give a three year ban on these players.

"Nakakainis e. These are kids and their future is in jeopardy because of what they did but at least on the bright side they have three years to contemplate and make sure that they can recover."

"I'm happy at least it's not a lifetime ban because in PESO there was a really strong debate and we were saying that, 'These kids need a chance to redeem themselves.' So for us three years is a lifetime already and I hope they can recover and I've seen some na naka-recover sa other games."

In collaboration with the Philippine Esports Organization and The Games and Amusement Board (GAB), MOONTON has decided to make the necessary steps to avoid these incidents.

"And this is just the start of how we want to govern this, that's why we're putting together this initiative with PESO and GAB," said Matthew Chan. "So we will get their guidance to see what is the better answer or solution moving forward."