Pet In Blade Chaos


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Aug 7, 2018
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The spirit beasts are either tall and mighty, or small and exquisite, and can provide a very impressive output in the battle. Today, we will give you a guide to the "Blade Chaos" guide.

The pet is the loyal guardian who is with you, and it is also our best playmate in the game. These beasts are followed by birth, and together with the master, the Western War, how many times to save the players in distress in. Let us now explore the system of the pet system!

After completing the spirit beast mission, the game will unlock the pet system and give you a three-tailed firefox. Open the service provider interface to query the current pet property. The upgrade of the pet can directly improve the character of the master's combat power. If you want to upgrade the pet, you need to feed the beast. Feeding materials are readily available and daily copies are available directly.

There are hundreds of darlings in the "Blade Chaos" game, so you can summon your favorite beasts as long as you collect specific shards. The servant's shards are hidden in a series of copies, such as the demon, the canyon, and the more rare servants can be obtained in more advanced copies. Want to improve the efficiency of summoning? No problem, the treasure hunt system will satisfy you!

The pet treasure hunt in the game is divided into ordinary and advanced, which requires different keys to open. The key to ordinary treasure hunt is better, the system will also provide free treasure hunt to try your luck. If you want to get a high-level red pet, it is essential to have several advanced treasure hunt!

After you get the pet, you need to fight the world to replenish the ritual for the beast, and feed the beast to enter the promotion stage. Upgrading and rising stars are the main means of promotion for the pet. The pets after the class will have the chance to gain extra pet skills, which can provide additional blood return and control in the key duel. It is crucial in the Boss challenge. Do it.
After learning about the pet system, do you really want to get one to train? It is our most solid partner, providing the most solid shield! Don't hurry with your friends and summon a powerful pet in "Blade Chaos".