ming mingg

Newbie Gamer
Apr 25, 2019
Last April 23rd, I made an inappropriate comment, and I was unaware that it would insult someone. I was then muted for 24 hours by a moderator but I still opted to use another account and bypassed my mute and was banned from the server.

Although it is just been weeks since I started joining the server, I made a lot of friends and this served as a way for me to escape, and release with the stress that I meet at work. These past few weeks have been a little more exhausting than usual, and I was at the brink of breaking down, so I try as much as possible to talk to a lot of people to keep my mind ahead of things, that's probably the reason why I bypassed my mute, and just talk to my friends since they always give pieces of advice on what to do and provided me sense of familiarity that I need. I also realized that the comment that I did was wrong and was quite out of the line.

I am now reflecting on my wrongdoings. And was hoping that you'll give me another chance to be a part of the community. I'll make sure that I will correct all my mistakes. Sorry for all the inconvenience that I caused. Hoping for your reply. Thank you.

Faraday (Broji)

Jun 9, 2017
Hello Broji here,

As I've reviewed your appeal. I would like to commend you for your honesty but If they're really are your friends then they should've warn you about this kind of things. We are really strict when it comes to bypassing mute. It's just other people don't learn and finds a way then ended up in here. Rules and other policies exists there for a reason and if members ignores that then this will happen. This appeal will be pass off. I’m sorry it’s not better news - I still think you're not that bad its just things happen.

You can make another ticket after a few months/ year.

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