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Apr 19, 2017
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If you're looking for a decent MMORPG to play, you probably might want to invest on Buy-to-Play (B2P) games rather than Free-to-Play (F2P) with Pay-to-Win (P2W) setup. If you're someone who has pride on winning through countless effort and hardship and like to fight fair and square, then B2P games are the one for you.
But if you're doing it only for fun, don't want to spend and don't care of other players who spend for items to win, why not?

B2P games like Guild Wars 2 are one-time purchase where everything is accessible afterwards, every players are equal and it's up to them to make their name in the game. There are gems used to purchase skins and pets (for visuals only, no stats), but unlike other games, even gems here can be converted from the gold you earned from the game, but of-course with a high cost.

Fortunately, this game was converted to F2P and anyone can freely create an account and play the game without spending any money. The only thing you will purchase is its expansion Heart of Thorns, where countless of features, new maps unlocked and brand new interesting stories unfold that you can play after you reached the level cap. (Level 80).

As a Filipino gamer myself, I suggest you try playing this game for free and if you enjoyed and liked it, feel free to purchase the expansion, it's gonna worth some peso.

For instructions how to play:

Official Website:

Step 1: Create Account:

Step 2: Download Client:
Game is playable when it reached 30%

Step 3: Play the Game

There are some Filipino players out there, if you already played this game.
Please feel free to share your character name, invitation to Guild and which server are you in.


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Official Trailer:


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