PH Teams Secure Upper Bracket Finals Slot at NetEase Games Top Clans 2020 Marvel Super War Ko Stage

From the initial 16 teams from all over Southeast Asia at the start of the Top Clans 2020 - MARVEL Super War Invitational, we’re down to the eight best squads of the tournament.

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Five teams from the Philippines (Bren Esports, NMD Rage, NMD Outlast, FINESSE Phoenix, and Imperium Pro Team), two from Thailand (Tuby & Anastacia Esport) and one Singapore-Malaysia (Supremeverse) squad made it to the Knockout Stage, fighting for regional pride, glory, and a lion’s share of the 20,000 USD prize pool.

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Elimination Bracket - Day 1

Bren Esports (PH)
versus Supremeverse (SG/MY) | 2-0

The difference in skill was evident right from the get go between these two teams. Majority of the gold lead they amassed were through destroyed towers for Bren Esports through smart rotations and controlled team fights. Supremeverse tried so hard in both games to force Bren into favorable team fights, but the PH team played it smart and just relied on their superior map movement resulting into two quick victories.

NMD Rage (PH) versus FINESSE Phoenix (PH) | 2-1

This series was a close battle between two tough Philippine squads, with FINESSE Phoenix drawing first blood. NMD Rage bounced back in the second game with Darrfinn on Iron Man leading the way. The momentum NMD Rage got from the second game carried through the deciding bout, where they made quick of their PH rivals to move on to the Upper Bracket.

Elimination Bracket - Day 2

Imperium Pro Team (PH)
versus NMD Outlast (PH) | 2-0

This series cements Imperium Pro Team as the frontrunner of the tournament after thoroughly dismantling NMD Outlast in a quick 2-0 victory. While NMD Outlast looked dominant in their run in the group stage, nothing prepared them against Imperium Pro Team’s superior team fighting skills. The way this Philippine squad is able to look for advantageous skirmish and pounce on their enemy’s weakness is unmatched.

Tuby (TH) versus Anastacia Esport | 2-0

It sucks to see the two remaining Thai teams in the tournament meet so early in the Knockout Stage, but only one team will move on to the next round. Tuby and Anastacia Esport came in guns blazing, with team fights after team fights happening every minute of the match. The Thai squads looked evenly matched, but Tuby’s ability to play around their marksman composition gave them the edge against their compatriots, securing a 2-0 win.

Elimination Bracket - Day 3

Bren Esports (PH)
versus NMD Rage (PH) | 1-2 Upper Bracket

Two Philippine teams squared off in one of the most intense matches of the tournament. The highlight of the series was the third game after Bren Esports and NMD Rage exchanged victories for the first two games. The deciding game of the series was of the bloodiest games with a total of 38 knockouts and lasted for 32 minutes and 38 seconds. It was a back and forth with multiple lead changes throughout the game, but NMD Rage came out on top after getting a crucial pick in the mid lane that allowed them to seal the deal.

Imperium Pro Team (PH) versus Tuby (TH) | 2-1 Upper Bracket

Tuby, Thailand’s last hope in the tournament, put up a good fight against the dominant Philippine squad, but it wasn’t enough against the mighty Imperium Pro Team. The Thai team surprised everyone when they gave IPT their first loss of the tournament in Game 1. IPT had the lead for most of the game, but Tuby turned the game around with an impressive team fight in the late game around the Surtur area.

Suffering their first loss seemed to light fire under IPT, as they immediately bounced back with a resounding victory in the second game, playing around their team captain xLight. After that loss, Tuby just couldn’t match the pace of the opposing team. Imperium Pro Team pulled out all the stops in the third game, crushing Tuby in under 15 minutes, and a clean 12-0 knockouts record to secure their spot in the Upper Bracket Finals.

Bren Esports (PH) versus Tuby (TH) | 1-2 Lower Bracket

Bren Esports wasted no time and came out of the gates guns blazing against the Thai squad in this series, securing game 1. But despite experiencing three straight crushing defeats at the hands of Philippine squads, Tuby showed great resilience. Turning back to their old playstyle and pace, the Thai squad avoided skirmishes for the rest of the series and preferred to earn their gold lead through their superior map movement. It paid off as they eked out game 2, before closing the series in the deciding game 3 off the back of Tuby.CEELEK, who’s been their most consistent member throughout the tournament.

What’s next?

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The Upper and Lower Bracket Finals will be played on October 23, 2020. Both matches will be played in a best-of-5 series. Imperium Pro Team will face NMD Rage in the Upper Bracket Finals. The loser of that series will face Tuby in the Lower Bracket Finals.

You can watch these action-packed matches live on:

  • (Thai stream)


  • (Thai)

Make sure to tune in to the live stream and support your favorite MARVEL Super War pro teams. You also have a chance to win in-game items just by watching the stream. For each match, mystery codes will appear during highlights (first blood, double etc.) and fans need to send the codes in the chat for a chance to win. The winners will be announced after each match on Top Clans 2020’s official Facebook channels.

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