Phantasy Star Online 2 Global - One Million ARKS Celebration

SEGA's Phantasy Star Online 2 just surpassed a whopping 1 million registered players! It calls for a grand celebration. Its successful launch on Xbox One and PC earlier this year and the other expansive launch in 33 more nations and territories made it all possible. Not to mention its release on Steam on selected regions.

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"The teams have worked so hard to bring PSO2 to players around the world this year and I couldn't be prouder of their efforts," announced Fred White, Head of Marketing at PSO Team Global. "Launching worldwide has been a dream come true for all of us. Surpassing a million registered players this month is a good feeling, and we've got so much more in store for the game in the future to look forward to!"

Last August 19, SEGA proudly announced their newly achieved milestone. When it was released as a free game on Xbox One and PC, it surely caught the attention of the fans. And to celebrate it, SEGA will host the in-game event, "One Million ARKS Celebration". The event has already begun and will run until August 26.

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It's not your usual loots-and-giveaway type of event. It's more of a raffle and RNG type of event. From boosts to EXP tickets, and even a raffle draw, are all included in the event. I made a simple bullet list of what you can get from the on-going event if you're planning to make a checklist of your rewards:
  • All quests will provide operatives with boosts to their EXP Earned (+100%)
  • and Rare Drop Rate (+100%), as well as exhibit an increase in Rare Enemy Spawn Rate (+100%).
  • Each day, operatives will be rewarded with EXP 100,000 Tickets (x2) just for logging in.
  • Log in a certain number of days and receive 6 of these same EXP Tickets, providing a maximum of 2,000,000 EXP!
  • And players who log in for more than five days during the event period will be entered into a drawing to win 10,000 AC, 1,000 SG, or 10 AC Scratch Tickets. There will be 100 randomly selected winners for each prize.
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The game might be somehow old already, but it's still a gold with its huge fan base. With the upcoming new standalone title, PSO2: New Genesis, this is a good chance to experience Phantasy Star Online 2. And, if you haven't tried it yet, let me tell you that it's FREE on Xbox One and PC. It's also free on Steam depending on your region (sadly, Philippines is not included).

Also, if you're looking for full information on One Million ARKS Celebration, here's the official page. It won't last forever so you might as well dive now into the game to get the full experience and rewards. What do you think of this event and PSO2's new achievement? Tell us your thoughts below.