Philippine Teams Nmd Rage and Bren Esports Dominate in Group B

The best teams from Southeast Asia clashed once again on Day 2 of the Top Clans 2020 - MARVEL Super War (MSW) for regional pride, glory, and a lion’s share of the 20,000 USD prize pool.

Supremeverse and NMD Outlast dominated Group A yesterday and booked their spot in the Knockout Stage. In Group B, two Philippines, Bren Esports and NMD Rage, will go up against Thailand’s 1st seed Tokkhe Esport and the 3rd seed from the SG/MY qualifiers, SinGa-LaySia.

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Bren Esports opened Day 2 of the Top Clans 2020 - MARVEL Super War Group Stage with an explosive win over SinGa-LaySia. Led by BREN Jeth’s Hulk in the frontlines, the Philippine squad relentlessly attacked SinGa-LaySia from all sides, resulting in a quick 10-minute victory for Bren Esports’ first win of the tournament.

The 1st seed from Thailand, Tokkhe Esport, suited up next to challenge Bren Esports in Game 2. The early game saw the two teams measuring each other, with no squad willing to make any risky play. But an all-out team fight in the area around the Spirit of Bast resulted in quick three knockouts for Bren, and the PH squad never looked back. They ran away with the lead and secured another victory behind Shukm’s deathless Moonstar.

In the third game, SinGa-LaySia went back to the arena to face NMD Rage, and to get a chance to redeem their earlier loss to another Philippine squad. Indeed SinGa-LaySia looked much more prepared this time around, taking control of the early game and getting a sizable lead. But a sneaky Surtur take around the 7-minute mark gave NMD Rage all the momentum they needed to snatch the lead and the victory against SinGa-LaySia.

Facing Tokkhe Esport in their final game, SinGa-LaySia had one last chance to secure a victory in the Group Stage. The early game started with bloody team fights all over the map and the gold lead remaining relatively even. In the mid game, Saori was able to create a huge distraction in

the bottom side of the map, enough for the rest of his teammates to secure Surtur. This allowed Tokkhe to make a decisive siege to end the game and keep their playoff hopes alive.

It was do or die for Tokkhe Esport in the fifth game against NMD Rage. They needed one more win to get a shot to make it to the Knockout Stage. Unfortunately, NMD Rage didn’t look like they were about to slow down after their win against SinGa-LaySia. The PH squad was unstoppable from start to finish and made quick work of their Thai rivals, in a quick 11-minute game.

The final game of the day was an epic clash between the two leading Philippine squads in Group B, NMD Rage and Bren Esports. It was a tightly contested match with a combined total of 42 knockouts and one of the last games of the tournament so far ending at 21 minutes. The team looked so evenly matched, but NMD Rage’s superior team fight in the late game netted them three decisive kills, which was all they needed to take Bren Esports’ base and remain undefeated in Group B.

NMD Rage (3-0) and Bren Esports (2-1) will be representing Group B to the Knockout Stage of the MARVEL Super War SEA Invitational.

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The teams Group C takes center stage tomorrow, October 3 at 7:00 PM (UTC+8). I DO NOT SLEEP and Tuby will be representing Thailand, while Finesse Phoenix (PH) and LIMITLESS x RATCHET are looking to steal a spot in the Knockout Stage against the two Thai squads.


The Top Clans 2020 - MARVEL Super War is streamed in the following channels:

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MIssed out on all the live action? You can watch the rebroadcast of Top Clans 2020 on eGG Network and catch up on what happened on Day 2 of the MARVEL Super War Group Stage!

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