Philippines AcadArena Offers FREE Esports Broadcasting Online Course

Have you ever imagined watching esports tournament without any commentary or casters? It's like watching players inside a computer shop. Let's change it a bit. How about an esports tournament with casters who doesn't fully know the game? That's totally confusing.

From their keen eyes of spotting where the highlights are, to impromptu creation of words to excite the audience. Would you like to be professionally trained and, maybe, become one of them someday? Well, here's your chance to be trained by the pros!


Together with the best casters in the Philippine esports industry, Daniel "Leo" Cubangay brought us The Madrigal Project. They teamed up with the Philippines' Esports AcadArena to give aspiring talents and broadcasters a chance to be professionally trained thru this FREE online course.

“I created The Madrigal Project, with the support of my colleagues, to help build up the next generation of esports talents in the Philippines. This is for OUR future as an industry.” Daniel "Leo" Cubangay says about his project

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Daniel Cubangay, also known as Leo, was a radio DJ who fully pursued esports in 2019. He is known for his prominent projects such as SEA Games 2019, Call of Duty Mobile National Championships, and the MPL. And now, he's looking forward as your host in the 6-8 weeks free online Esports Broadcasting course.
Aside from Mr. Leo's professional knowledge and expertise, you'll also get to learn from other known talents and professionals from TMP. To make things more exciting, there's an extra reward waiting for you in the end! According to AcadArena,

Trainees that complete the modules of The Madrigal Project satisfactorily will get gigs under the official games of the AcadArena come October.

Who doesn't like free gigs? You train hard, you get rewarded. Now, here's the catch. All of what you've read is true but the slots are limited to ONLY 8. The 3 slots are exclusively given to students. A slot out of the 3 exclusives is reserved for a female student "to encourage more diversity in the casting scene". The other five slots are free-for-all, may it be adult or student.

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As for the student application, students who belong to AcadArena Alliance member schools will be prioritized. If you're interested in applying your school org, here's the link. The registration has already started and will run until August 23. The registration links are already live in their AcadArena post. The list of accepted applicants will be announced on August 28 and the training will begin in September.

For more information and updates, you can check out their Facebook pages at Leo Gaming and Esports AcadArena. To read the full description, here's the full blog from AcadArena PH.