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    Join the PinoyGamer Philippines Discord Server dedicated for Filipino Gamers, Live streamers, YouTubers, Content Creators and more around the world. Our servers are partnered so you abide discords quality guidelines to the core.

    • Over 20,000 members
    • Live Interviews with hosts and djs
    • Dedicated music request bot
    • 24/7 non stop radio bot
    • Auto notification for live streamers (kindly check #information for mere details)
    • Daily sing-along
    • Daily voice discussion
    • Random giveaways
    • Patron and Twitch Sub perks across sub servers
    • Tournament and Event meetup
    • Ranking and Levelling system
    • Automated profanity filter and warning system
    • Highly moderated and anti toxicity
    • and many more!
    PinoyGamer - Philippines Gaming Community is using to for chat and voice communication.


    Our discord server supports most major games played by Filipinos, like the following:
    If the game is not included in the server as long as there is a high demand we will add them.

    We also have sub channels for the following topics and discussions:
    • Retro Games
    • Anime, Manga, Movie and TV shows
    • Music
    • Food
    • Tech
    • Gaming Specific Events
    • and many more

    What is Discord?
    Discord is a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile apps, and more.

    How to join our server:
    Chat Rules
    Violating these rules will either get you a Spammer Timeout or will be BANNED in the server.
    1. No spamming or flooding the chat with messages. Do not type in ALL CAPS.
    2. No text walls or a large paragraphs of text. Make a thread on the forum or use Pastebin/Pastie to post a large block of text.
    3. No bashing or heated arguments to other people in the chat.
    4. No nsfw/spg (18+), explicit, or controversal messages.
    5. No racist or degrading content (racial terms are not allowed). "Discord's mission is to bring people together around gaming. We're about positivity and inclusivity. Not hate. Not violence...We will continue to take action against white supremacy, nazi ideology, and all forms of hate"-Discord
    6. No excessive cursing
    7. No circumventing the server's anti-profanity
    8. Do not promote suicide in any form (including KYS or kill-your-self memes).
    9. No advertising other sites/discord servers. Doing so will get you INSTANTLY BANNED without warning.
    10. No referral links.
    11. No fake/troll giveaways.
    12. No begging or repeatedly asking for help in the chat, please keep question in the #support-suggestions channel or the forums. Repeatingly asking basic questions will lead to administative action.
    13. No offensive names and DPs.
    14. Inviting unofficial bots is NOT ALLOWED . Any bots that are found will be INSTANTLY BANNED without warning.
    15. Do not use the @ everyone / @ here ping without permission.
    16. Do not perform or promote the intentional use of glitches, hacks, bugs, and other exploits that will cause an incident within the community and other players.
    17. Do not cause a nuisance in the community. Repeated complaints from several members will lead to administrative action.
    18. Do not argue with staff. Decisions are final.
    Voice Chat-Specific Rules
    Violating these rules will get you a VC Timeout or will be server-muted.
    1. No voice chat surfing or switching channels repeatedly.
    2. No annoying, loud, or high pitch noises.
    3. Reduce the amount of background noise. If possible, resort to push to talk in your settings to reduce the issue.
    4. You will be removed if sound quality is poor to other members.

    How to get roles and earn levels
    • Certain roles are auto applied by gaining xp points
    • you can get xp points simply by engaging in conversations
    • there is a 1 minute cooldown to avoid abuse
    • Moderator
      • To become a moderator you must be atleast level 20 or in the competitive role
      • The community must respect and recomend you
      • You have no past complaints
      • To recommend or apply simply message "Admin" account
    • Livestreamers
      • This role is applied to live streamers on twitch, your account will be white listed for auto notifications. This will notify everyone in the server that you are live.
      • A level 10 or casual gamer requirement is needed
      • Twitch must be connected yo your account
      • To recommend or apply simply message "Admin" account
    • The nsfw is created for mature audience
    • Posting porn or is not allowed
    • This channel has a level requirement to access
    • Only Casual Gamer and above role can post
    What to do if i got the ban hammer
    • We dont usually give bans like candy this only applies if you did something severe to the community.
    • If you got banned the only option is to appeal, you can post below this thread for more information
    Bot Commands
    • Certain commands like the music are accessible only for Casual Gamer role and above, this is to avoid command spam
    • Music
      • !add - name_of_the_music Adds a new song in the queue
      • !leave - Makes me leave my current voice channel
      • !stop - Makes me stop playing music
      • !next - Makes me jump to the next song in the queue
      • !playlist - Shows the songs in the playlist
      • !join - Makes me join your current voice channel
      • !play - Makes me play the next song in the queue
    • Radio
      • !PGnp - Prints the currently playing song in the chat.
      • !PGskip - Vote to skip the current song, or if you're the owner, skip the current song.
      • !PGshuffle - Shuffles the queue.
      • !PGsummon - Call the bot to your voice channel. Obviously, you must be in a voice channel to use this command.
      • !PGrestart - Restarts the bot.
    • Level
      • !levels - Get a link to the server leaderboard
      • !rank - Get a player info and rank
    Additional Terms

    Discord Partner URL:

    Expired Invite Link or Invalid Invite?
    To put it simply you are IP banned from joining our servers, this means that you are either sharing the same IP from a user that got banned from any of our servers or you have been directly banned from our servers for violating our community guidelines.

    Note: If you have additional inquiry kindly post below, regards and happy gaming. Just to be clear this isn't a ban appeal thread so not all ban info will be answered due to privacy concerns. For support you can post here
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  2. heyalookitsa

    Newbie Gamer
    Team: A Team

    Hi, I got banned from the server for advertising. [​IMG] I'm really sorry and I definitely won't do it again.
  3. xero

    Paradox Personified
    Team: OVD

    Upon getting the info for why you where banned from the server, we cannot re instate the account for the following reasons:
    • Multiple external group promotions
    • Anonymous member complaints
  4. Meep Morps

    Meep Morps
    Newbie Gamer
    Team: BBX


    I was banned a few months ago from the PG Discord but I have a slight problem as I was given no reason at to why I was banned during that day. I just woke up one morning and realized that Iwas banned from the server.

    Upon contacting a friend on the server, who tried to contact the mods for my reason as to why I was banned, I was apparently accused of pedophilia!? Then after that they had the gall to tell my friend not to associate with me. I'm sorry but unless you people have some solid evidence on me doing something disgusting as that then I believe we have a case of mistaken identity.
  5. xero

    Paradox Personified
    Team: OVD

    The ban was not a mistake we have sufficient evidence on our side, unfortunately we wont lift the ban due to its severity.
  6. Meep Morps

    Meep Morps
    Newbie Gamer
    Team: BBX

    I would just like to see this evidence as this is highly unfair on my part. I have the right to atleast know the reason as to why I was banned. I would merely like to see this evidence against me. How many users have testified that I have indeed engaged in such acts? At this point I'm not looking for a ban appeal, I'm just looking to clear things up.
  7. xero

    Paradox Personified
    Team: OVD

    Based from our investigation of the matter the actions are justified to protect our members. We will no longer comment on this matter and considered the case closed.
  8. sad.

    Newbie Gamer
    Team: TRX

    Hello, I don't really know if I got banned or something else, the Pinoy Gamer discord server is not in my server list when I opened discord today, I only joined last night 10:00 pm I think last time I put a message in the server was 3:00 am. And when I open the Pinoy Gamer discord invite link it says link expired, and I asked a friend who I met on Pinoy Gamer discord an invite link, it's still expired. So i'm probably banned for an unknown reason. Can someone help please? If I did something so severe that you can't unban me, atleast give me the reason for the ban, thank you.
  9. xero

    Paradox Personified
    Team: OVD

    No advertising other sites/discord servers. Doing so will get you INSTANTLY BANNED without warning.
  10. sad.

    Newbie Gamer
    Team: TRX

    Dangit I knew it was that, that's the only thing I did, pasted a discord link. It was on accident, I didn't notice that I did not switch server and pasted it on Pinoy Gamer discord server [#leagueoflegends channel] accidentally. It really was on accident if you can check the messages I sent there please check it. My name on discord is 'sad.' (#3021). Please re-consider unbanning me.
  11. Heaven

    Newbie Gamer
    Team: Play2Impress

    Apparently, I got banned from the server for Advertising another Discord Server. I've been an active member for almost 2 months now and have been abiding the rules. During the time I posted the invitation, my teammates and I are having some problems maintaining privacy of our game. Since there was only 3 of us, we can't ignore the fact the someone will just join in and potentially compromise our comms.

    Instead of sending it through DM, I accidentally posted it in the lobby which I immediately deleted. If you have the record of it, it did not last more than a minute when I had it deleted. I also deny the fact that I advertised it. There were no texts that would influence other people to join it and/or posted in more that once. I assure you that never have I posted anything that would degrade or put the server into lime light.

    I encourage you to please see this through for I believe I have had my share of fun with my new-found friends and would like to keep it that way.
  12. xero

    Paradox Personified
    Team: OVD

    Hi the server mods have decided to lift your ban you may join the server again, pls note that in the future this might be same resolution.
  13. Psycho

    Newbie Gamer

    My sincerest apologies for my insensitive actions. I quickly realised that I was very wrong to post that kind of image but I have ofcourse no excuse I can only say that the reason why I posted it because of funny purposes only, I didn't know that by far it's already against the rules. I would appreciate the opportunity to put my wrongs and prove to you that I have learned from my mistakes. Thank you
  14. mrbean666

    Newbie Gamer

    hey mrbean666 here, i got kicked out from the group because of me sharing pictures in nsfw chat, first of all i didnt know that i am not allowed to chat on a spammer tag in #nsfw my friends told me that it was ok, still its my mistake. im a really friendly dude and i started to play and chat good people in the group. i would really appreciate to give me a second chance. this time im gonna read the rules and be prepared to what-will happen.
    - Sean (mrbean666)
  15. mrbean666

    Newbie Gamer

    thank you and sorry.
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