Philippines GPU shortage in 2020-2021

People are aware that having a complete PC gaming set-up demands a high-end Graphics Processing Unit, since most people are staying home now, building a nice setup is a must in order to play heavy-almost real-life games.


Early last year, Chinese manufacturing was temporarily limited due to the coronavirus outbreak; later, shipping delays hit the electronics market; and the price of Bitcoin has made "mining" - using GPUs - more lucrative.

Nvidia’s new RTX 3080, 3070, 3060 Ti and 3090 and the AMD RX 6800 and 6800 XT are all incredibly hard to find, selling out instantly whenever they appear, due to an incredible level of demand that makes these GPUs worth many hundreds of dollars more than MSRP. A Trump tax and surging cryptocurrency prices may be about to make them even more expensive, too. Many older graphics cards are sold out online as well.

“If crypto demand begins or if we see a meaningful amount,” said CFO Colette Kress at a recent investor conference, “we can also use that opportunity to restart the CMP product line to address ongoing mining demand.” CMP refers to Nvidia’s dedicated crypto mining GPUs, which strip away the video ports miners don’t need because they aren’t driving graphics to a monitor, making them more profitable for Nvidia.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, it clearly doesn’t affect the gaming industry since the Pinoy crypto Trading community doesn’t use mining machines, they’re using the trading platforms such as Binance, CoinsPh, and PDAX to earn money from buying and selling cryptos. The sudden verge of the crypto trading industry took place last year and until now.