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Mar 4, 2015
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Mar 4, 2015
@animaxx -
Im a Filipina but i live here in japan

@Coco -
Sometimes I play games during work so you could expect some random times for me to stream. Example. Wednesday and Thursday I work graveyard shift so ill be streaming lol XD.

@Harvs -
Hey Harvs here (real name Harvey). I'm 23 years old and currently living and Japan. I'm a Filipino, I mostly speak Filipino but I can speak and understand English and a little bit of Japanese too. I've been watching games on twitch and decided to start my own channel. I stream Hearthstone and play other games too.

@Pathra -
Hey fellow Twitchers, my name is Pathra but I'm sure you probably figured that out from my Twitch username 'Pathraplays'. I am one of the few streamers from the Philippines. Please bare with me when my internet cuts sometimes due to typhoons or just bad connection in general. x_x

I am a half Thai and half New Zealander who was born and raised in the Philippines. I work as a freelance graphic artist and commercial model but I always make time for my streams!

I only started streaming at the start of October 2015. If you want me to understand you then please speak English or Tagalog (Philippine language). I'm friendly and down to earth so do not be scared to talk to me and be friends!

And yes I made all the graphics on my Twitch page. I thoroughly enjoy making my page look beautiful for you guys!

@RazerJay -
Sup! I'm Jay! Formerly Diamond 1 here in the Philippines during Season 5. I'm looking forward to streaming my Gameplay and a whole lot more.. I'm just starting so please be kind >.< Any criticism is welcome good or bad :) I know my Channel is Soooooo Bad at the moment. But I'm gonna work on this really really hard.

For now I'm just gonna test Streaming, play around with settings and just enjoy.I hope you do as well!

What up Guys! Welcome to Efraim Ray TV. Here you can find some Awesome and Hilarious Gaming, Anime Reviews, Blogs and Gadget Reviews, Tutorials and many more. Also I've just started to make this youtube channel so Please help me subscribe and promote it to everyone hahaha!... well Thanks Guys and. ENJOY!

@jburon72 -
Hi! Im Jose from Manila. I am a Filipino. Im new to Twitch and in video streaming in general. Im not good in playing games so dont expect awesome gameplay and thats the reason why I dont do speedruns. I don't talk to much especially when Im too much focus in the game but I will try to respond in chat. Games that I'm currently playing :

@xoblackrose -
My name is Annabelle-Rose :) I'm 21 years old. I love anime; my current favorites would have to be One Punch Man, Parasyte, & Monster Musume :3 I'm a California girl and currently attending university. Ethnicity? My dad is Australian, Irish, Italian, and Cuban & my mum is Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish...I just say half white and half asian :p

Fun Fact: I speak three languages: English, Tagalog, and Ilocano. :D

@StriderVM -
I'm a Filipino-Chinese who's just trying out streaming in the Philippines! With an excuse on trying to improve my English while playing games I loved since a child! :p Since I just realized I'm typically just playing games on the PC on night and downloading stuff while asleep, I decided to stream to record my gameplay.

@KuraPeaCoke -
I have big dreams like being a doctor or a lawyer, but my parents insisted me to becoming a streamer/youtuber so here I am trying to work things out, cheers!

@AeonKnight86 -
Video Games are my passion and working to make my way up as a video game streamer. I enjoy interacting with viewers as they come to the channel. Just drop a friendly "yo dawg" in the chat and I will chat with you. I enjoy meeting new people making new friends (feeding trolls are a favorite pass time of mine).

I will mainly be streaming Warframe, Trove, Marvel Heroes, and Guild Wars 2 but there will be other games like Path of Exile, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, Borderlands Series, League of Legends, Hearthstone, and many Others (especially horror games) ^_^

@Swaggerleetv -
Hello, I would like to thank each and every one of you that come into my stream from where ever you are! It does mean a lot to mean that you take the time to come in and watch me! I am a competitive Counter-strike Global Offensive player. If you have any other questions feel free to ask in the chat!

@evenlir -
Hi everyone! My name is Sam also known as Evenlir and I just started Twitch two months ago. I play competitive Counter-Strike and I play a variety of games. I stream everyday when my schedule allows it. Feel free to check out my channel! I'll check all your streams out as well.

@Kristian Xyrelle Rafanan
Hi everyone, My full name is Kristian Xyrelle Rafanan and I'm from the land of Peenoise, PHILIPPINES. I stream for fun, and to share my happy moments with you guys

@ElysseTM -
Currently based in the Philippines, and I'm on PLDT Fibr 50mbps. I'm primarily a console gamer, so you'll be seeing a lot of PS4 content (xbox one coming soon!) whenever I'm live (usually weekends). This is my own little way to boost console gaming in the country.
See you guys soon and I hope you enjoy the show <3

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Oct 7, 2015
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hi guys! im thinking of adding a streaming page for the site however content is scarce so any of you are doing live streaming pls post your stream link or twitch profile below i will add them on our upcoming streaming page, thanks! I mainly play hearthstone. Stream nearly everyday or every two days :)

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